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    Abbeon Instruments

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    Shows Relative Humidity and Temperature in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade at a glance In Germany, Lufft has been making fine meteorological instruments for over 100 years . Abbeon has been 
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    Humidity - Dial w/ Black face & Brass case Model AB-167 Hygrometer is certified to be accurate within ±3%RH + 1 scale division. The dial indicates the complete range 
    HYGROMETER / THERMOMETER Humidity and Temp - Dial w/White Face & Stainless steel case
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    Humidity and Temperature dial with white face and stainless steel case. The humidity is sensed by a Durotherm element that is a synthetic hygroscopic fiber that expands and  
    XC200 Hand Held Meter - Temperature & Humidity
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    The powerful and compact handheld device with state-of-the-art and robust design. It has excellent readability and accuracy. The high-resolution color screen displays rel. humidity, temperature and dew point. The 
    XP201 Highest Precision Temp/Humidity Meter, Case, Sensor
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    The XP-201 is the perfect choice when highest-precision measurements are needed for industrial temperature and humidity calibrations. It is suitable as a humidity reference in climate chambers or 
    XA1000 KIT All-in-ONE | Temp/Humidity, Flow, Air pressure, w/ 9130-54 and 6120-52, Sensors,Cable,Case
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    Highly precise measurements of  Temperature  and relative  Humidity , AirFlow , and  Air pressure . Integrated air  
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    Ultrasonic wind sensor / wind velocity / wind speed / wind direction/ acoustic virtual temperature Extremely precise 
    WS600-UMB temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind, precipitation sensor
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    table { border-collapse: collapse; } table, td, th { border: 1px solid black; } Temperature / relative humidity / air pressure / wind / 
    WS10 Kit Weather Sensor with Mount Bracket and 10m Cable
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    Lufft WS10 Value Priced Smart Weather Sensor Kit This is the WS10 Kit which includes the WS10 Sensor, Mounting  
    OPUS 20 THI Temp/RH
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    Lufft offers a variety of models with internal or external sensors for recording humidity, temperature, pressure and CO 2 . The 8120-00 (THI) Model records Temperature 
    OPUS 20 THIP TEMP/RH/Air Pressure
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    Lufft Opus 20 Datalogger THIP records Temperature, Rel. Humidity & Air Pressure. Lufft offers a variety of models with internal or external sensors for recording humidity, 
    OPUS 20 External Sensors (order with KAB2 or KAB10) POE
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    Lufft Opus 20E Datalogger for External Sensors Lufft offers a variety of models with internal or external sensors for recording humidity, temperature, pressure and CO2. For  
    Type O Durometers
    The Models 410, 411, and 413 are all similar in outward appearance, however, by using various combinations of spring forces and indenter shapes, these durometers cover a wide range of material hardness. These 
    Pyrometers and sensors for pyrometers
    An Indispensable Tool - An Irresistible Price! For accurate temperature measurements by - Injection Molders - Thermoformers Extruders - Blow Molders - Rubber Molders.  E-Z Probe is designed to go where 
    Hardness Tester for Plastics and Rubber
    The hardness testers come in shore A, Model 510, for use on rubber and rubber related products and shore D, Model 510D, for use on plastics and plastic related products. Ease of use make these instruments the