Item No: 8368-210

Industry Cups and Vanes, Wind Speed

Product Description

Industry Cups and Vanes, Wind Speed
Industrial Cups and Vanes, Wind Speed sensor

Recommended for:

  • Industrial applications
  • Wind turbines
  • Building Engineering
  • Crane wind alarm systems
  • Cold weather
  • Environmental measuring

Wind direction sensor 8368-200   $1090.00
Dimensions 232mm L, 327mm H
Weight 0.35kg
Measuring range 0...360°
Accuracy ±2%
Starting value 0.7m/s
Output 0/4...20mA · 0...10V
Supply Voltage 24 VDC (20...28 VDC)
Wind speed sensor 8368-210   $922.46
Measuring range 0.7...50m/s
Accuracy <±2% FS
Resolution 0.02m/s
Starting Value <0.7m/s
Output 0/4...20mA · 0...10V 0...XX Hz
Supply Voltage 24VDC(20...28VDC)
Units see above
Temperature -30...70°C in speeds up to 0...60m/s
Housing Anodized aluminum IP53 Ø 32mm
Mast adapter Ø 50mm 8368-Z100
Traverse, for mast Ø 30-80mm length 825mm 8368-Z101
Traverse, for mast top 50mm, length 600mm 8368-Z102
Lightning rod 8368-Z103

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