Item No: F1109P2

Hem Welding Guide for 45mm hems

Forsthoff overlap roofing and flooring welder P2, Abbeon

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Product Description

Hem Welding Guide for 45mm hems
The reliable FORSTHOFF-P2 automatic overlap welder has a new hem welding accessory. The hem welding guide allows the simple and easy production of hems in the tarpaulin and advertising banner industry. The hem guide folds the material over into a welding position as the machine automatically rolls forward, allowing the blower heat and pressure wheel to create a consistent, strong hem along the edge of the material. 

Hem guides are available for 20mm, 30mm and 45mm hems and can be simply attached to the FORSTHOFF-P2 automatic welding machine. Customers who already have a FORPLAST-P or FORSTHOFF-P2 model can easily upgrade their machine.

Hem Welding video:

Forsthoff Oval Q hot air welding tool demo:

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