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    HSKL20G Mounted Extruder

    Item No: HSKL20G

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    Product Description

    HSKL20G Mounted Extruder
    Industrial mounted extruder for plastic pellets or welding rod.

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    Specifications and additional product information
    Output approx.: 0.25 – 1.2kg/h (0.55 – 2.65 lbs/hr) with delivered drive motor. Otherwise, for 2 kg output a drive motor must have at least 700W. Calculate at least 300W power per kg output.

    Available with or without electrical control box. Optional touch screen control panel available.
    • Your choice vertical or horizontal motor
    • Screw HSK25/G with back pressure bearing
    • Permanent cooling device for drive
    • Funnel for pellets, approx. 1.5kg (3.3 lbs)
    • Thermocouple reading of material and air
    • Electrical switch box, connected to the drive
    • Electrical control cable 20 m (65 feet)