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    Extrusion Welding: Extrusion Welders

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    • Drader Injectiweld
      Drader Injectiweld uses heat from the welding tip to pre-plasticize the welding surface of the thermoplastic. Molten plastic is immediately injected sub-surfacely under pressure, into the weld area to fuse ...
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    • HSK10DI120 Digital Mini Extrusion Welder with Case
      The HSK10DI120 features a NEW Brushless digital readout pre-heater for more accurate temperature control. BASIC EXTRUDER Extrusion welding from PEHD, PP, ...
      Our Price: $4,572.00
      $4,572.00      $4,663.44
    • Injectiweld Tips
      T20007 Blank Tips 5¼' length, semi-finish tips used to design your own welding tip. T20008 Prototyping Tip 2' ...
    • Welding Nozzles for HSK Extruders
      We offer a wide selection of Teflon welding shoes (tips) for the HSK Extruders or any extruder that accepts 5/8' diameter base plate hole. In addition to three sizes of blank shoes (small, medium, large) that ...
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    • Munsch Mini-Xtruder 110V
      The Mini Xtruder is totally self-contained and has an integrated onboard preheat air source, and is small enough and light enough to be used with one hand. Getting to those hard to reach places is ...
      Our Price: $5,635.00
      $5,635.00      $5,747.70
    • WB7000 Extrusion Welder
      Lightweight and compact welder for those jobs in tight places. High output for its size which is at 7 lbs. per hour. Shipping includes unit, instructions, and its own shipping ...
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    • MAK-18 230V Munsch Extrusion Welder
      Autoair hand extruders are used in shop and field welding applications. The on-board brushless hot air blower makes the unit independent of an external air source. No additional air ...
      Our Price: $6,106.00
      $6,106.00      $6,228.12
    • HSK Angle Head Adaptors
      Angle head adaptors for HSK Extruders. $269.00 each. Model HSK01029 : Angle tip for 90 degree downward Model HSK01030 : Angle tip for 90 degree ...
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