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    Extrusion Welding: Extrusion Welders

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    • Drader Injectiweld
      Drader Injectiweld uses heat from the welding tip to pre-plasticize the welding surface of the thermoplastic. Molten plastic is immediately injected sub-surfacely under pressure, into the weld area to fuse ...
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    • HSK10DI120 Digital Mini Extrusion Welder with Case
      The HSK10DI120 features a NEW Brushless digital readout pre-heater for more accurate temperature control. BASIC EXTRUDER Extrusion welding from PEHD, PP, ...
      Our Price: $4,953.00
      $4,953.00      $5,052.06
    • Injectiweld Tips
      T20007 Blank Tips 5¼' length, semi-finish tips used to design your own welding tip. T20008 Prototyping Tip 2' ...
    • Welding Nozzles for HSK Extruders
      We offer a wide selection of Teflon welding shoes (tips) for the HSK Extruders or any extruder that accepts 5/8' diameter base plate hole. In addition to three sizes of blank shoes (small, medium, large) that ...
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    • Munsch Mini-Xtruder 110V
      Save $300, for a Limited Time! Now $5335.00 (was $5,635.00) The Mini ...
      Our Price: $5,335.00
      $5,335.00      $5,441.70
    • WB7000 Extrusion Welder
      Lightweight and compact welder for those jobs in tight places. High output for its size which is at 7 lbs. per hour. Shipping includes unit, instructions, and its own shipping ...
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    • Injectiweld Rental per week
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    • MAK-18 230V Munsch Extrusion Welder
      Autoair hand extruders are used in shop and field welding applications. The on-board brushless hot air blower makes the unit independent of an external air source. No additional air ...
      Our Price: $6,106.00
      $6,106.00      $6,228.12
    • HSK Angle Head Adaptors
      Angle head adaptors for HSK Extruders. Model HSK01029 : Angle tip for 90 degree downward Model HSK01030 : Angle tip for 90 degree upward ...
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