Item No: K07401

Munsch Mini-Xtruder 110V

Munsch mini portable extruder 120V, plastic extrusion welder, mini extruder

Product Description

Munsch Mini-Xtruder 110V
The Mini Xtruder is totally self-contained and has an integrated onboard preheat air source, and is small enough and light enough to be used with one hand. Getting to those hard to reach places is no longer a problem. Digital speed, material and temperature settings are displayed on the top of the motor housing. Its Teflon shoe is replaceable just like shoes on larger extruders. The preheat tube can be re positioned for bottom or side mount use. The MiniX uses a real auger screw for thorough material mixing and consistent heat transfer. No air pistons here.

  • For use with PP/ PE/ PVDF/ Nylon/ Polyurethane and others
  • Pre-set menu for parameters of Thermoplastics to be welded
  • The only Single Hand-operated Extruder with integrated onboard pre-heat source
  • Separate digital control readouts for extrudate and pre-heat temperature
  • Case included

Specifications and additional product information
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Welding Rate: 1.5 lbs/h with 1/8" rod.
Voltage: 110V
Welding Materials:  PP/ PE/ PVC/ PVDF/ Nylon/ Polyurethane
Rod Diameter: 03mm (1/8") round