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    Wedge Welder 30-120ml for PP/ PE/ PVC

    Item No: PW400

    Product Description

    Wedge Welder 30-120ml for PP/ PE/ PVC
    The PW 400 wedge welder is an industrial quality geomembrane welder designed and manufactured in the USA.

    • Powerful 35# chain through machine to insure longevity. 
    • Open access to counter rollers to make adjusting to a different size material easy. 
    • Open access in order to see material flow through the machine. 
    • Inter changeable parts with the Wedge IT machines. 
    • Simple electronic components that are easy to find in the market. 
    • Can be set-up with rubber rollers, solid or split, for air channel testing.

    Specifications and additional product information
    weight 45 lbs.
    voltage 120V or 240V
    dimensions 15.5” x 10” x 11”
    amperage 8 Amp @ 240V
    16 Amp @ 120V
    welding speed 0-18.5 ft/min
    temperature Max: 480 C°
    material range 30-120 mil PP, PE, PVC
    weld 3” split or solid