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    Automatic Welding: Automatic Welders

    • FORSTHOFF-P2 Overlap Welder
      The efficient, maneuverable automatic hot air welding machine! The FORSTHOFF-P2 has been put to effective use in the tent, tarpaulin, advertising banner and industrial fabrics industries. Forsthoff has ...
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    • Extension Cords and GFCI Cable
      100 foot Hot Air Welding Cord: 100' 10/3 STW Water Resistant (Blue) 30A 220V Roofing Extension Cord. L630P & L630C Locking 30A 220V connectors. For use on most ...
    • SPIN WELDER (TTSW-1000)
      table, th, td { border: 1px solid black; border-collapse: collapse; font-size: 11px; font-family: verdana, geneva, sans-serif; } The model TTSW-1000 welds most ...
      Our Price: $19,800.00
      $19,800.00      $20,196.00
    • Rotary Ultrasonic Machine 30 KHZ
      Rotary Ultrasonic Machine 30 KHZ No Audible Noise and Various Customized Pattern Wheels Special Features: ...
      Our Price: $18,500.00
      $18,500.00      $18,870.00
    • Rotary Ultrasonic Machine, 20 KHZ
      Rotary Ultrasonic Machine, 20 KHZ Applications: Non-woven materials, technical textiles, automotive interiors, geo textiles, ...
      Our Price: $16,980.00
      $16,980.00      $17,319.60
    • Mini Wedge Welder 10-80ml for PP/ PE/ PVC
      Lightweight wedge welder for thin materials (PVC, LLDPE, geotextiles) Mechanics are simple which will help load and ...
      Our Price: $5,500.00
      $5,500.00      $5,610.00
    • Wedge Welder 30-120ml for PP/ PE/ PVC
      The PW 400 wedge welder is an industrial quality geomembrane welder designed and manufactured in the USA. ...
      Our Price: $5,500.00
      $5,500.00      $5,610.00
    • Compact Hot Wedge Seaming Machine
      Compact Seaming machine with hot-wedge for welding of plastic sheets with overlap seams, hemming seams and others. Equipped with Silver hot ...
      Our Price: $17,313.00
      $17,313.00      $17,659.26
    • P2 Roofing Welder
      The Forsthoff-P2 is the Best choice for single ply roofing material (recommend 230V model for material 80 mil and up). Forsthoff has produced overlap welders for 25 years and that experience has lead to ...
    • High Performance Data Acquisition Wedge Welder
      HSK’s wedge welder HWW 1000 enables fast and safe jointing of foils and linings. The new HWW 1000 wedge welder is HSK’s move ...
      Our Price: $11,527.00
      $11,527.00      $11,757.54
    • FORSTHOFF-D 45mm Overlap Welding (w/4000W element)
      For welding heavy thermoplastic canvases and foils FORSTHOFF now offers a versatile and efficient automatic welding machine with state-of-the-art technology for use on heavy canvas. ...
      Our Price: $5,500.00
      $5,500.00      $5,610.00
    • FORSTHOFF-DB 50mm Tape Welding Machine
      The FORSTHOFF-DB automatic welding machine is a very powerful device for the welding of 50 mm tapes. The ...
      Our Price: $5,900.00
      $5,900.00      $6,018.00
    • HOT AIR WELDING CORD, Cable 100 ft, 10/3 STW 30a 220v
      100' 10/3 STW Water Resistant (Blue) 30A 220V Roofing. L630P L630C Locking 30A 220V connectors. For use on most 30A 220V Hot Air welding/Roof Member Seamers. Orders ...
      Our Price: $225.00
      $225.00      $229.50