Item No: R3-2199803

Compliance in a Can, Complete Roofing fall protection

Product Description

Compliance in a Can, Complete Roofing fall protection

Compliance in a Can, Roofing Fall Protection

Complete roofing fall protection system. Compliance-In-A-Can™ kits feature designs that incorporate improved fit, updated colors, and durable yet lightweight construction. This Roofer's kit has everything a worker needs for fall protection compliance all placed in a convenient bucket, that you can store and protect your equipment.

Universal Harness with adjustments for a clean fit.
  • Reusable Roof Anchor to take from job to job
  • 50 feet Lifeline Rope with one snap hook end for attaching to an anchor point
  • Manually adjustable Rope grab attached to an 18" shock absorber with snap hook end to attach to the harness
  • Meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards for compliance all in a can!
  • This bucket of safety, has all the fall protection equipment one needs, made conveniently in kit
  • 5-point harness