Item No: RN500ICU820

Netronix node with Thiamis ICU

Product Description

Netronix node with Thiamis ICU

Plug and Play Turn Key Monitoring System
Node™ RN-500

  • Thiamis™ 820G
  • Weatherproof Housing for Thiamis™ ICUs
  • GSM and GPS Antennas built-in
  • Global 3G/2G SIM card
  • Available connection to sensors/monitors (USB, RS-232, RS-485, Digital & Analogue I/O)
  • 18Ah Battery and Charger
  • Powered With DC or AC
  • NEMA 4, UL Certified

The Node is a remote monitoring system designed specifically for unattended, long-term operation in harsh environments. As a complete, self-contained monitoring system, the Plug-and-Play Node works out-of-the-box (no programming required), turn of a key to "on", connect your Lufft WS monitor to the Node with the provided cable and one click in Environet selects your Lufft WS monitor. The Node™ (controlled by an internal Netronix Thiamis™ ) works by sending data from your Lufft WS monitor to the Netronix Cloud, from where that data can be accessed online via the Netronix web platform, Environet™ streaming live data to your phone, tablet and computer, as illustrated in the figure below.

Within its rugged NEMA 4 and UL-certified enclosure, the Node RN-500 contains the Thiamis™ ICU which allows for remote monitoring and control of any devices connected to it. The Node’s™ twist-on circular connectors and convenient cord grips allow for fast and secure connections between the Thiamis™ and external devices. In addition, the Node features a robust power system, supporting both AC and DC power sources, as well as solar panels. The external power source charges an internal long-life battery, capable of powering not only the Thiamis™ ICU, but also the additional devices or sensors connected to it.

Specifications and additional product information

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Thiamis™ ICU 820

  • 4-in-1 Controller, Data logger, Modem and GPS
  • Communications Link Fail Over
  • Over-the-Air Configuration
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Low-Power
Quad-band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Output Power Class 4 (2W) @ 850/900 MHz
Class 1 (1W) @ 1800/1900 MHz
Sensitivity -107 dBm (typ.] @ 850/900 MHz
-106 dBm (typ.] @ 1800/1900 MHz
GPRS Class 10
Antenna SMA male connector
Temperature Range -40° to 80° ( -22°F to 167°F)
Humidity Range 0-85% non-condensing
Power Switch 2-Positions Key Lock
Connectors 1-Power, 3-Devices/Sensors
Connector Type Circular or Cord-Grip
Mounting Wall-mount (Pole mount kit available)
L x W x H 11.45”(290mm) x 9.31”(236mm) x 5.43” (138mm)
Weight 20lbs (9Kg)
Certifications NEMA4, UL, FCC
Sensitivity -159 dBm ( indoor operation)
Accuracy <2.5 m (8 ft)
Channel 20
Correlators > 200,000
Antenna SMB jack connector
controller / data logger
Clock Real-time
Memory 4MB (up to 16MB)
Digital Ports RS-485, RS-232 (3 Multiplexed), SDI-12
DeltaPort Expansion port for Analog and Digital I/O modules
GSM / GPRS Quadband - Gain 2.1dBi (built-in)
GPS Active - Gain 27 dBi (built-in)
power system
Input 120-240VAC, 12-24VDC
Battery 18Ah (Additional External Battery Available)
Charge Controller 12V, 6A

The Thiamis™ ICU (Intelligent Control Unit) is a vital component of this remote monitoring suite. It combines control, data logging, global positioning and telemetry into one compact and purpose-built device, making it the most advanced and cost effective solution for remote monitoring applications in the environmental sector.

Each of the ports on the Node is multiplexed, meaning you can connect multiple instruments to the same port. Compatible instruments include Air Quality monitors, Diesel Fuel Contamination monitors, Gas and VOC monitors, Sound and Noise monitors, Water and Water Quality monitors, Weather monitors, and more.The Thiamis™ ICU 820 can interface with–and control–any type of sensor or external device in the field and establishes direct, secure communications with Netronix's data center, via its built-in GSM modem. The Thiamis™ also allows for alternate means of telecommunications, both for fail-over and to accommodate deployments in remote regions where GSM may not be available. The Thiamis™ is designed for plug-and-play operation, with no complex installation, and supports over-the-air configuration and re-programming, reducing or eliminating costly field trips.
Input Voltage 6-24VDC DC or AC
Current Consumption 50mA
Temperature Range -40°C to 80°C (-22°F to 167°F )
Humidity Range 0-85% non-condensing
Cellular Telemetry 3G/2G (GSRM, HSPA, HSPA+)
L x W x H 5.1”(130mm) x 2.72”(69mm) x 1”(30mm)
CE, FCC, PTCRB, RoHS *more certifications in process