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    N-2/N-3 Static Ionizer with Pinpoint Nozzle

    Product Description

    N-2/N-3 Static Ionizer with Pinpoint Nozzle

    Note: The N-2 Ionizer will be replaced by the N-3 Ionizer

    Its compact design is ideal for confined spaces. With very accurate ion balance within ±10V, this unit has a powerful airflow for effective cleaning (up to 87psi) with quick decay time less than 0.7 seconds (at a distance of 6" using 43.5psi). The body of the unit is equipped with an LED indicator that communicates the device's operating status at a glance. Incorporates a reliable high frequency piezoelectric transformer and is usable with compressed air and nitrogen gas. With the 6-terminal power harness, multiple units can be connected together using one power source and warnings can be sent to external equipment. Includes three kinds of interchangeable nozzles for different applications. An optional flexible shower tube is available (N-2C6B) for effective countermeasure against static accumulation for space-restricted areas such as in a film winder, molding machines, hoppers, conveyers, and other applications. Easy maintenance design allows operator to change electrode needle in seconds using electrode needle removal tool (G-7DR). Weighs only 0.23 lbs.

    LED illumination provides instant updates to the operation status.

    Connect Multiple N-2’s/N-3's to the Same Power Source

    An optional flexible shower tube is available for effective countermeasure against static accumulation as in film winder, molding machines, hoppers, conveyors and other applications.

    • Shower type nozzle for N-2/N-3 Pinpoint Nozzle Ionizer
    • Flexible and handy for your application
    • Easy installation even in a limited space.
    • Effective countermeasure against static accumulation at a film winder and stocker, etc.

    Shower tube assembly only. Does not include N-2/N-3 Ionizer.

    Nozzle Accessories


    • 6-Terminal Power Harness
    • Standard Nozzle
    • Flared Nozzle
    • Tube Fitting Nozzle
    • Needle Pole Changer

    PDF with more information on the N-2 Ionizer.N-3 Ionizer.

    Specifications and additional product information
    Ion Generation Method High-Voltage AC Corona Discharge
    Applied Voltage AC 6.0K V (p-p)
    Input Voltage DC 24V ±5%
    Power Consumption 58mA (typ.)
    Applied Source Clean Air: 0.1~0.6Mpa
    Nitrogen Gas: 0.1~0.6Mpa
    Air Consumption 0.2Mpa
    Ozone Generation 0.05ppm or less (measured at 1.97")
    Working Temp./ RH Range 41~104°F/ 35~65% RH (no dewing)
    Decay Time ±1000V~±100V, within 0.7sec, 0.3MPa/ 5.9" (measured values)
    Weight 0.23 lb (104g)
    Ion Balance Within ±10V (0.3MPa/5.9") [measured values]
    Materials Housing: ABS Resin
    Nozzles: Polyacetal Resin
    Needle Pole
    Electrode: Tungsten
    N2 ionizerN2 Ionizer
    GridItemIDItem NoItem InformationPriceOrder Qty
    5108CA164N3, compact, nozzle type static Ionizer with 115V power supply
    2181N-2-115VN2 Compact, Nozzle-Type Ionizer with 115V Power Supply
    2197N2FNFlat Nozzle
    2225N7TNTube fitting nozzle
    1821G7SNSilent Nozzle - audible noise reduced 10dB (down 25% from Flared Nozzle)
    1816G7HElectrode Needle
    2196N2C6BFlexible shower tube
    1814G-7DRElectrode Needle Removal Tool
    1815G-7FInline micro air filter
    1820G-7SCSpeed controller
    1825806050115V Power Supply Assembly