Ultrasonic Hand-held Plastic Welders

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Product Description

Ultrasonic Hand-held Plastic Welders

20kHz— 500 watts— 120 volts (220V optional)

  • Digital Amplitude Control— regulates the line voltage and provides constant amplitude throughout the welding process
  • Autotune Circuitry— eliminates the need to re-tune the system each time it is tuned in or when the horn is changed
  • Programmable time or time and energy welding modes or continuous-duty mode
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Ultrasonics Load Meter
  • DB9 DLC I/O Connector
  • Overload Protection Circuitry
  • Overload Reset
  • Ten-foot removable cable (other lengths available upon request)

These lightweight, yet rugged and reliable units are easy to operate and are designed specifically for welding, staking, inserting and spot welding applications. The hand held welders consist of an ultrasonic power supply and an ultrasonic hand held converter.

The 20 kHz hand held converter is supplied with a standard 1/2" (12.7mm) diameter flat-faced welding tip that attaches to an integral titanium front driver. This front driver has a 1/4-28 threaded end to accept other standard or custom tips.

A variety of optional accessories, as well as standard threaded tips are available. Please see related items on this page or click on the following links:

These 500-watt welders contain two overload protection circuits, one for the power supply and the other for the converter. The systems overload circuit protects the power supply from exceeding its maximum wattage. The advanced converter protection circuit is designed to protect against excessive voltage or current caused by the application. With a response time of less than 2 micro-seconds, these circuits instantaneously prevent internal component damage to the power supply and converter.

Below demo using Ultrasonic Welder with corrugated plastic: 
See our "Spot Welding and Inserting Tips" under Related Items link at right for special Star Tip (6310138) used with corrugated plastic.


There are three variables in all plastic welding applications— Heat, speed and pressure. The vibration of the ultrasonic tip creates the heat that will weld the plastic together. The vibration (heat) is adjustable on this welder through the digital Amplitude setting. The speed or amount of time that it takes to make the weld is selectable through the timer setting. With the Time-Only Ultrasonic Welder, the pressure that is applied when you push down on the part with the welding horn is the only variable not controlled and thus may be inconsistent from one weld to the next. Using the Time/Energy version of this welder, you can select the energy option to control the pressure variable. The energy option measures the amount of energy transferred from the welder tip to the part. Thus, if more pressure is applied during the weld, causing more energy to be transferred to the part, the time is automatically shortened. If less pressure is applied, the time is automatically lengthened to increase the energy transferred until the selected energy setting is met. The end result is a more consistent weld every time.

Specifications and additional product information
Model H520/CV55
Input Voltage Standard 120 volts or optional 220 volts 50/60 Hz 
Regulated between 95-135 volts or 190-65 volts.
Dimensions: 8.5in H x 13.5in W x 7.5in D
Weight: 13lbs.
Model CV55 Hand Held Converters:
Dimensions: 1.9in D, 7.6in L
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Horn: Titanium, Integral with threaded end to accept replaceable tips
Tip: Standard- ½" diameter flat faced titanium tip (see chart for other tips)
39 page manual39 page manual
Download the PDF brochure for more infoCharacteristics of Thermoplastics, 4 page
Download the PDF brochure for more infoStaking and Spot Welding
Download the diagram.Specs, 1 page