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    Hand-Held Ultrasonic welder Accessories

    Product Description

    Hand-Held Ultrasonic welder Accessories

    Manual Press 20 kHz
    Model SD-M501

    The Manual Press is available for assembling parts where production volume does not justify more expensive pneumatic presses. It provides a more controlled motion of the welder than what is possible by just holding the hand gun, resulting in more consistent assembling. This unit is available with a foot switch or cam actuation. The trigger handle is removed from the hand gun housing when the foot switch actuation is used. Unit works with 20khz and 40khz Ultrasonic Welders.
    • CV20 Ultrasonic Hand Gun Collar Adapter
    • 0 to 18" Vertically Adjustable Head
    • ½" Steel Tooling Plate
    • 6" Throat Depth
    • 3" Head Stroke
    • Spring Return Lever Arm
    • Angle Iron Column Supports
    • Through Holes for Work Bench Mounting
    • Adjustable and Positive Stroke Stop Block
    • X-Y Pattern Nest Fixture
    • Mounting Holes on 47/16" and 7" Centers
    Foot Pedal - A plug-in foot pedal is available for "ultrasonics on" triggering as opposed to triggering the ultrasonics by hand with the paddle on the side of the converter. $115.00. Order No. 83000004.

    Pistol Grip for ultrasonic welder: Designed to provide more ergonomic handling of the unit for certain application demands. The Grip is a lightweight device that simply attaches to the converter and allows the operator to activate the ultrasonics by pulling on the “trigger.” $995.00. Order No. 681-0026.
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