Digital Melting Point Meter

Product Description

Digital Melting Point Meter
The Model 333 Digital Melting Point Meter is designed to measure the melting point of various substances. The Model 333 can be used for testing plastics, waxes, resins, inks, gums, fats, tars, low melting point alloys, organic and inorganic compounds, and many other substances. This instrument operates over the range of 120°F to 500°F or 50°C to 260°C along the platen bar. 

This instrument is portable and can be used on any convenient workbench or stand. Plug into 120 volts AC or 50 - 60 Hz and flip the toggle switch to the “on” position. The stainless steel platen will then heat up on a precisely designed temperature gradient. The gradient spans nearly 400°F across the length of the platen.

The method of operation is fast and only a small quantity (a few milligrams) of the test substance is needed. With simple precautions, samples can be recovered uncontaminated. Place a sample of the substance to be checked along the upper surface of the platen. The demarcation line between the molten and solid particles of the substance will quickly be seen. Place the thermocouple junction at the demarcation point on the platen and read the temperature on the meter, this is the melting point of that substance. For the most accurate results, place a small amount of the sample directly on the thermocouple tip and move the thermocouple along the platen until the sample just melts. The temperature reading at this point is the most accurate.

Both the platen and thermocouple are easily removed for cleaning and change. Any one of the four sides of the platen can be used as the test side.

The thermocouple and meter assembly can be disengaged from the platen by tipping back the meter assembly. This lifts the meter from the threaded feed bar (used for fine adjustments) and the meter assembly can be moved along the rear slide bar for rapid positioning of the thermocouple junction. Once positioned, fine adjustments can be made by turning the hand knob attached to the threaded feed bar.

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Specifications and additional product information
Dual Range: 120°F to 500°F (50°C to 260°C)
Accuracy: ±2% of full scale range
Dimensions: Length 19¾"
Width 6"
Height 7¾"
Weight: 9½ lbs.
Shipping Weight: 13 lbs.
Power Source: 120V AC