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    Plastic Mfg Instruments.

    • Type O Durometers
      The Models 410, 411, and 413 are all similar in outward appearance, however, by using various combinations of spring forces and indenter shapes, these durometers cover a wide range of material hardness. These ...
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    • Pyrometers and sensors for pyrometers
      An Indispensable Tool - An Irresistible Price! For accurate temperature measurements by - Injection Molders - Thermoformers Extruders - Blow Molders - Rubber Molders.  E-Z Probe is designed to go where ...
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    • Hardness Tester for Plastics and Rubber
      The hardness testers come in shore A, Model 510, for use on rubber and rubber related products and shore D, Model 510D, for use on plastics and plastic related products. Ease of use make these instruments the ...
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      Accurate temperature measurements are crucial in all industries; however, in the plastic industry accurate mold temperatures, accurate melt temperatures, and accurate barrel temperatures are critical. ...
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    • Standard Durometers (Ancillary Hand-type)
      Hardness is one of the most significant physical properties of elastomeric compounds. The hardness reflects all, or in part, such other qualities as resilience, durability, uniformity, tensile strength, ...
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    • Portable Digital Photometer
      Accurate digital display • Reads foot candles & foot-lamberts or lux and Candela M² • Tough construction for rough handling • For scientific and laboratory needs • Simple to ...
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    • Digital Melting Point Meter
      Designed to measure the melting point of various substances. Can be used for testing plastics, waxes, resins, inks, gums, fats, tars, low melting point alloys, organic and inorganic compounds, and many ...
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    • Digital Rubber Hardness Tester
      Measures hardness of rubber, plastics or solid fiberglass • Pocket size & digital display • Meet DIN 53505, ASTM D2240, ISO 7619 • Long-term operating with standard batteries • ...
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    • Polariscope
      A polariscope is an essential tool for detecting strains in transparent materials. It can be used by Quality Control to monitor production items, or to inspect incoming materials. The Model 243 is also very useful ...
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    • Digital Dual Thermocouple Thermometer
      Digital Dual Thermocouple Thermometer. For use in labs, industrial control and audits and measuring differential temperature T1/T2. Features: Dual probe input • Accepts K, J & T type probes • ...
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    • Hardness Tester for Foam, Sponge and Soft Rubber
      Has an ancillary hand— a proven, accurate method for the exact measurement of the resiliency of foam, sponge and soft rubber.The Model 302-SL Hardness Tester for foam and sponge rubber has a scale based on ...
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    • K-Type Digital Single Probe Thermometer
      Single K-Type Thermocouple Input • °C and °F Switchable • -50°C to 1093°C, or -58°F to 2000°F • 0.1 and 1 degree Switchable Resolution • MAX Reading ...
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