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    Build your own foam cutter

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    Build your own foam cutter
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    1. Choose any thickness of wire— from .005 to 0.25. Thin wires are safer and cut cleaner, but they sag and break if stressed. Large wires are more durable.
    2. Use the transformer and control unit shown.
    3. Design a fixture to hold the wire— use a spring to hold a constant tension in the wire.
    4. We offer components only— not instructions for building. This schematic is shown only to indicate how a system could be configured. Consult an electrcian or electrical engineer for proper wiring and setup.
    Model 18TP Control Unit:

    Model 18TP unit includes a standard grounded plug on a six foot power cord and a three-prong receptacle for quick and easy line and load connection. A lighted rocker switch turns power to the unit on and off; a case-mounted, easy-to-operate 270°-turn potentiometer provides variable control of the RMS output voltage. Unit chassis are designed for portable use or 2-hole fixed mounting.

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    Nichrome Wire
    -Tophet A -For cutting styrofoam
    -One-pound spool -Various sizes available

    FOB CA

    Specifications and additional product information
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    Model No. ABT-2
    Input: 115 volts
    Output: either 12 volts at 8 amps or 24 volts at 4 amps (you can hook it up either way).
    Size: 3 3/8" x 2 7/8" x 3"
    Capacity: .005" wire up to 12" long
    .010" wire up to 18" long
    .015" wire up to 24" long
    .020 wire up to 16" long

    Model 18TP Control Unit
    120 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 10 Amps, 1200 Watts
    Power Circuit: power semiconductor with parallel r-c circuit
    Control Circuit: all solid state circuit for stable, full-range control
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Output Voltage: 0-95% of input
    Overall Efficiency: 99%
    Power Loss: 1.5 watts/amp
    Control Input: variable resistance, 270°-turn potentiometer
    Control Power: 1 watt
    Fuse Protection: special "2 millisecond" fuses are factory tested and coordinated to protect the power semiconductors from short circuit faults.
    Input Connection: grounded three-prong plug. (NEMA 5-15P @ 120 VAC, or 6-15P @ 240 VAC )
    Output Connection: three-prong receptacle. (NEMA 5-15P @ 120 VAC, or 6-15P @ 240 VAC )

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    AWG #18 #201/32 #22 #24 #26 #30 #36
    Diameter Inches .0403 .0320 .0253 .0201 .0159 .0100 .0050
    Diameter mm 1.02 .813 .643 .511 .404 .254 .127
    Ft/Spool (approx.) 199 315 501 793 1,260 3,140 3,200
    Ohms/ft .4063 .6348 1.815 1.609 2.571 6.5 26.00
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    52718TPControl Unit
    52518NWSNo 18 AWG Nichrome Wire Spool
    52820NWSNo 20-1/32 AWG Nichrome Wire Spoo
    53022NWSNo 22 AWG Nichrome Wire Spool
    53124NWSNo 24 AWG Nichrome Wire Spool
    53226NWSNo 26 AWG Nichrome Wire Spool
    53330NWSNo 30 AWG Nichrome Wire Spool
    53636NWSNo 36 AWG Nichrome Wire Spool