Hot Wire Cutters

  • Bow Cutters
    All models ready to use. No complicated wiring or design required. Hand-held and easy-to-use. Cuts expanded & extruded polystyrene. Comes with built-in power controller. Industrial ...
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  • Build your own foam cutter
    Choose any thickness of wire— from .005 to 0.25. Thin wires are safer and cut cleaner, but they sag and break if stressed. Large wires are more durable. Use the transformer and control unit shown. Design ...
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  • Controllers and Wire for foam cutting
    Hot-Wire Do-It-Yourself Kit. Everything you need to build your own 4' or 8' hot wire machine. Includes: Magnum or Mag8, Gator Cord, 2 Insulators, Spring, and 100' Roll of ...
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  • StyroCut™
    Our Best Machine! For cutting expanded and extruded polystyrene Use In-Plant or On Job Sites Foot Pedal Control Designed by Engineers to Cut Straight, Channel, Angles and Tapers ...
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  • Wall Skinner, 48-inch, Only
    Wall Skinner 48'  Shaves EPS High Spots Fast Eliminates EPS Dust 3' Cutting Depth Reduces Rasping Levels Walls to Perfection 48', weighs 3.5 lbs ...
    Our Price: $297.68
    $297.68      $303.63
  • VERTI-CUTT Hotwire Foam Cutter 20"
    Table model for vertical and diagonal cutting of styrofoam material. It is used in any industry where cutting of expanded extruded foam is required. The cutting temperature is continuously adjustable by means of ...
    Our Price: $1,995.00
    $1,995.00      $2,034.90
  • Hot Wire Cutting Stand
    Portable Hot Wire Cutter for a Clean Cut without Polystyrene Beads or Dust This Hot Wire Cutting Stand is perfect for cutting expanded and extruded polystyrene (EPS and XPS). Max. depth: 13' / 330 ...
    Our Price: $834.00
    $834.00      $850.68
  • Hot Wire Handle Foam Cutter Kit 2' to 8'
    Hot Wire Handle Foam Cutter Kit 2' to 8' See our Video & Docs tab for one page flyer on this item Includes: Hot Wire Handles MAGNUM Controller 100-foot Roll of ...
    Our Price: $920.59
    $920.59      $939.00
  • Nichrome Wire Spool
    Nichrome Wire: Nichrome Wire -Tophet A -For cutting styrofoam -One-pound spool -Various sizes available -Non-Magnetic FOB CA AWG #18 ...
    GROOVE JET 400 Hot Knife Groove Foam Cutter Kit with Fence Kit includes: Groove Jet 400 with 10' of NWFT Flat Wire and Hard Plastic Case. The hot knife blade is up front where it belongs. ...
    Our Price: $766.00
    $766.00      $781.32