Item No: 302SL

Hardness Tester for Foam, Sponge and Soft Rubber

Product Description

Hardness Tester for Foam, Sponge and Soft Rubber
Has an ancillary hand— a proven, accurate method for the exact measurement of the resiliency of foam, sponge and soft rubber.The Model 302-SL Hardness Tester for foam and sponge rubber has a scale based on load displacement. A given load is applied over a given area and the displacement of the load is the indication of the resistive quality of the material. A greater displacement under a constant force is indicative of a softer material. The value is based on the force of a variable load over an area of one centimeter.

Simply place the instrument on the material to be checked and press gently until the base of the instrument is flush with the material surface. The indenter “foot” will then transmit an exact reading on the scale of the dial. Several readings can be made within a few seconds.

Cellular rubbers of the sponge and foam type have been classified as “soft”, “medium” and “firm” in terms of their resilient properties. The Model 302-SL Hardness Tester includes these three ranges of hardness. It further divides the ranges into smaller increments so that much closer and more accurate tolerances can be established in comparing material samples or the overall properties of a single sample.

Model 302-SL Hardness Tester. Includes Test Block and Carrying Case

Specifications and additional product information
Dimensions: 2¼" x 1¾" x 4"
3.7 x 3.49 x 10.1 cm
Weight: 9½ ounces
Shipping Wt: 2 lbs
Finish (case): Blue Mottle