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    The SS6400 and SS6800 Vertical Panel Saws

    Product Description

    The SS6400 and SS6800 Vertical Panel Saws

    These two vertical saws have heavy-duty worm-drive saw motors for production shop service. They have higher horsepower and are smoother running for demanding jobs. The 6400/6800 saws are well suited to medium production shops, jobs where heavier materials are frequently cut. Double guide bearings improve cutting accuracy to 1/64". 

    • The SS6400 cuts panels up to 64" wide. 
    • The SS6800 can handle extra-wide 73" sheets. 

    • Ideal for sign makers, thermoformers, plastic distributors or anyone who uses sheet plastic.
    • Vertical positioning for panels— allows single person operation and requires less floor space.
    • Positioning of the saw blade— no casual operator contact, much safer than other methods of panel sawing.
    • Industrial-duty motors— powerful enough for tough cutting requirements on many materials. Cuts material up to 1¾" thick.
    • Unique bearing & guide system— provides precise straight and square cuts. Accuracy of 1/64".
    • Rugged construction provides durable long-term service.
    • Simple controls allow for operation with a minimum of training.
    • Built-in rulers.
    • Uses 8" diameter saw blades.
    • Two Series available.
    • Can be mounted directly to a wall

    Standard Equipment

    • 3 Hp worm driven heavy-duty saw motor.
    • 10 ft. welded steel frame.
    • Chrome-plated 1 3/4" guide tubes.
    • 8 Nylatron roller bearing systems.
    • Adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers.
    • Quick change from vertical to horizontal cutting.
    • Thin material pressure guard.
    • Solid aluminum material rollers.
    • Enclosed counterweight system.
    • Integrated dust collection bonnet.
    • Extended warranty.
    • TUV certified to UL/CSA standards.

    Option Descriptions

    Wheels and Stands Base-mounted wheels are available for easy mobility. For free-standing operation, the tripod stand clamps to the frame without drilling.

    Quick-Stop The Quick Stop adds an easy-to-use method of making repeat cuts all the same length. This accessory significantly increases the productivity of your saw.

    Mid-Way Fence For working with small pieces, the mid- way fence brings the work up to waist-high, and gives it firm support on a flat surface for the best alignment of the cut. The mid-way fence fits on both the left and right sides of the machine and includes rulers and a manual stop block.

    Hold Down Bar Material hold down bars keep thin and flexible materials tight against the frame for easier and safer cutting. These feature spring fingers with non- marring rollers to hold difficult materials.

    Stop Bar GaugeThe Stop Bar system has 8 length stops that can be preset for repeat production of complicated cuts. Each stop can be flipped up or down as required for the next cut.

    Extensions Extensions add 20" of length to the bottom carriage at each end of the machine so panels up to 12' long can be handled.

    Dust Collection Systems Dust collection systems are available for all machines to meet the environmental needs of production shops. A kit containing the dust hood and hose can be connected into shop-wide dust systems or a complete stand-alone system with a vacuum can be installed with a 1-hp or a 2-1/4 hp motor fitted to either a 20-gallon tank or a 55-gallon adaptor.

    Motor Upgrades Heavy-duty motor upgrades are available on most machines to meet unusually heavy cutting demands. 220V and 50/60 Hz motors are also available for installations in locations that have different electrical service.

    Dolly The 4-wheeled Panel Dolly makes it easy for one person to move hard-to-handle panels. With a 300-pound capacity, this little dolly easily moves large panels of a variety of materials. It is easy to load and unload. The large pneumatic tires let the Panel Dolly run over common shop obstacles, uneven terrain, outside parking, and inside carpeted areas. The Panel Dolly is built for years of tough use in many different work environments.

    Model 860-TCG-Sign Premium Plastic Saw Blade
    8" Diameter, 60-Teeth, 0.125" Kerf, 5/8" Arbor $229

    Freight Rate in continental U.S. on SS6400/SS6800 Series = $369

    Specifications and additional product information
    Model SS6400 SS6800
    Max. Cross-cut Length 64" 73"
    Max. Rip Length Unlimited Unlimited
    Max. Cut Thickness 1¾" 1¾"
    Cut Accuracy—
    Straight & Square
    1/64" 1/64"
    Saw Blade Diameter 8" 8"
    Power Requirements 120V,
    13 amp
    13 amp
    Frame Length 10' 10'
    Shipping Weight 500 lbs 600 lbs
    Panel Saw Manual1.3 Mb pdf
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    1584SS640064-inch Vertical Panel Saw
    1588SS680073-inch Vertical Panel Saw
    1661860TCGSPremium plastics, thin aluminum 60-tooth blade for panel saws
    1617SSH10Wheels, Vertical Panel Saw
    1585SS6420Fixed Stand 6400 Series Vertical Panel Saws
    1589SS6820Fixed Stand for 6800 Series or less
    1625SSH6460Quick Stop Gauge 8 ft
    1624SSH6450Stop Bar Gauge
    1587SS6440Hold down Bar for 6400/SR5U
    1590SS6840Hold down bar for 6800 Series
    1626SSH6470Midway Fence
    1557SSVPSDust Kit