Plastic Cutting Saws & Saw Blades

New Blades for Plastics Save You $$$. NEW, patent-pending design circular saw blades cut acrylics and other plastic materials smoother, cleaner and quieter than ever before... longer sharp-life, too! These 
Laser cut, press-tempered, individually tensioned, and chrome-plated bodies bring the cutting edge to the workpiece with unparalleled precision. Fine grain carbide zips are given the tooth configuration to do 
We offer a wide range of high quality Saw Blades for various applications. These blades are carefully selected for optimal performance while cutting a variety of materials from plywood, plastics, composite panels  
Our Price: $1,970.00
From  $1,970.00$2,009.40
Super Duty Electric Round Knife Cutter The most powerful cutting tool for Technical Textiles and Thin Plastics The TASW12M is especially suitable for cutting composite materials like glass fiber, 
No chipping... just smooth edges. A versatile cutting saw for... PVC Acrylic Plastics Cabinet Tops Hardboard Pressed Board Siding Signs Plywood Mild Steel The KS444 
Our Price: $1,710.00
From  $1,710.00$1,744.20
Cordless Rotary Shear with Charger and Carrying Case ...Revolutionary and Powerful The TAZERO702 weighs only 4 lbs (battery included), with 18V 400 watts of power. It can cut any material at the  
The SR-5 was designed to give the ability to saw and route on one vertical frame. This model can be changed from saw to router in less than one minute and has cutting accuracy of 
Cutting Large Sheets Safely and Accurately Just Got Easier. The new and improved Panel Pro makes it even easier to handle large sheets of material and cut them 
The SS7400M (3HP-3 phase 230V) series saws are designed for continuous production and tight-tolerance cutting, both horizontal and vertical cutting. With a 3HP, 230V heavy-duty induction motor (see below models),