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    Plastic Cutting Saws & Saw Blades

    Saw Blades for Acrylics
    New Blades for Plastics Save You $$$. NEW, patent-pending design circular saw blades cut acrylics and other plastic materials smoother, cleaner and quieter than ever before... longer sharp-life, too! These 
    ProSeries Plastic Cutting Blades
    Laser cut, press-tempered, individually tensioned, and chrome-plated bodies bring the cutting edge to the workpiece with unparalleled precision. Fine grain carbide zips are given the tooth configuration to do 
    Industrial-Quality Circular Saw Blades for Plastics
    Manufactured specifically for plastics • Constructed of the highest quality C4 carbide • Extremely sharp cutting edge • Easily re-sharpened, multiple  
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    Super Duty Electric Round Knife Cutter The most powerful cutting tool for 
    Plastic Cutting Saw
    No chipping... just smooth edges. A versatile cutting saw for... PVC Acrylic 
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    This powerful PS544 Pneumatic Panel Saw has no equal. For cutting drywall, plywood , laminate, hardboard or other soft or rigid  
    ACH-Series Vertical Panel Saws
    Ideal for sign makers, thermoformers, plastic distributors or anyone who uses sheet plastic. Vertical positioning for panels— allows single person operation and requires less floor space. Positioning of 
    Continuous-Duty Production Panel Saws - 7400 Series
    The 7400 series saws are designed for continuous production and tight-tolerance cutting. With a 2 hp, 220V heavy-duty induction motor (upgradable to 3 phase, 3hp), these saws handle 
    Heavy Duty HEPA Industrial Vacuum
    Heavy Duty HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) compressed air operated vacuum! A rugged high capacity HEPA quality vacuum for dusty