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    Lufft WS700 Compact Weather Station

    Item No: 8380-U01

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    Product Description

    Lufft WS700 Compact Weather Station

    All in one sensor.

    Compact Weather Station for measuring of air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation intensity, precipitation type, precipitation quantity, air pressure, wind direction, wind Speed and radiation.

    Relative humidity is measured by means of a capacitive sensor element; a precision NTC measuring element is used to measure air temperature. Precipitation is measured by a 24 GHz Doppler radar, which measures the drop speed of an individual drop of rain/snow. Precipitation quantity and intensity are calculated from the correlation between drop size and speed. The difference in drop speed determines the type of precipitation (rain/snow).

    Ultrasonic technology is used for precise wind speed measurement, and is tested in a high-precision wind tunnel, so accuracy is guaranteed.

    Measurement output can be accessed by the following protocols: UMB-Binary, UMB-ASCII, SDI-12, MODBUS. One external temperature sensor is connectable. Comes with a 10m cable.

    Special features:

    • All in One
    • Aspirated temperature/humidity measurement
    • Maintenance-free operation
    • Open communication protocol:
    • UMB-ASCII, UMB-Binary, SDI-12, MODBUS, Analog outputs in combination with 8160.UDAC.

    Specifications and additional product information
    Dimensions Ø approx. 150mm, height approx. 317mm
    Weight Approx. 1.5kg
    Interface RS485, 2-wire, half-duplex
    Operating Voltage 4...32 VDC
    Operating temperature -50...60°C
    ± 0.2 °C (–20 °C ... +50 °C), otherwise ± 0.5°C (>–30°C)
    Operating rel. humidity 0...100% RH
    Accuracy: ± 2% RH
    Precipitation quantity Resolution: 0.01mm
    Measuring range: Drop size 0.3...5mm
    Reproducibility: Typ.>90%
    Radiation Response Time 95% <1s
    Spectral range: 300 to 11nm
    Measuring range: 1400W/m
    Accuracy: 5%
    Air Pressure Principle: MEMS capacitive
    Measuring range: 300..1200hPa
    Accuracy: ± 0.5hPa (0..+40°C)
    Wind Direction Principle: Ultrasonic
    Measuring range: 0..75m/s
    Accuracy: ±0.3m/s or 3% (0..35m/s) RMS
    of reading, whichiver is greater ±5% (>35m/s) RMS
    Resolution: 0.1
    Heating 20VA at 24 VDC
    Cable length 10m
    Protection level housing IP66
    Mast mounting suitable for Mast diameter 60 - 76mm
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    Surge protector, Power supply 24V/4A,
    RS485 to USB Cable 8160RS485USB
    Digital-analog-converter DACON8-UMB
    Temperature Sensor WT1
    Connection cable, 20m (other lengths available)