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    Lufft WS800-UMB Temp,RH,Lightning,Precipitation, Solar Radiation, Air Pressure, Wind

    Item No: 8381-U01

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    Product Description

    Lufft WS800-UMB Temp,RH,Lightning,Precipitation, Solar Radiation, Air Pressure, Wind

    Smart Weather Sensor

    Lufft WS800 is the first smart weather sensor from the Lufft WS product family, that comes with a combined measurement of precipitation, solar radiation and lightning detection.

    For measuring:

    • Air temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • Precipitation intensity
    • Precipitation type
    • Precipitation quantity
    • Solar radiation
    • Lightning detection
    • Air pressure
    • Wind direction
    • Wind speed
    All in One. Aspirated temperature/humidity measurement. Open communication protocol:
    • ASCII
    • UMB
    • SDI12
    • MODBUS
    • Analog outputs in combination with 8160.UDAC
    Uses ultrasonic technology for precise wind speed measurement, and is tested in a high-precision wind tunnel, so accuracy is guaranteed.

    One external temperature or rain sensor is connectable. WS800-UMB includes lightning detection by an integrated sensor analyzing the radio wave emission of lightnings. It delivers a count of recognized lightnings. The sensor analyses spectrum and wave form of the received signal to suppress the detection of man made electrical discharges.

    Specifications and additional product information
    Lufft WS800-UMB
    Smart Weather Sensor
    Dimensions Ø approx. 150mm, height 317mm
    Weight approx. 1.5kg
    Principle NTC
    Measuring range -50...60°C
    Accuracy ±0.2°C (-20°C...+50°C), otherwise ±0.5°C ( > –30 °C)
    Relative Humidity:
    Principle Capacitive
    Measuring range 0…100% RH
    Accuracy ±2% RH
    Precipitation Intensity:
    Resolution 0.1mm/h
    Precipitation Quantity:
    Resolution 0.01mm
    Reproducibility Typ.>90%
    Measuring Range Drop size 0.3...5mm
    Precipitation Type: Rain/Snow
    Response time (95%) <1s
    Spectral Range 300 to 1100 nm
    Accuracy 5%
    Measuring Range 1400 W/m²
    Lightning Detection: Number of lightning events
    Air Pressure:
    Principle MEMS capacitive
    Measuring Range 300 … 1200hPa
    Accuracy ± 0.5 hPa (0...+40°C)
    Wind direction:
    Principle Ultrasonic
    Measuring range 0...359.9°
    Accuracy < 3° RMSE >1.0m/s
    Wind speed:
    Principle Ultrasonic
    Measuring range 0...75m/s
    Accuracy ±0.3m/s or ±3% (0...35m/s) ±5%
    (>35m/s) RMS
    General Information
    Heating 40 VA at 24 VDC
    Protection type housing IP66
    Interface RS 485 2-wire, half duplex
    Operating voltage 4...32VDC
    Operating humidity range 0...100%
    Operating temperature range -50...60°C
    Surge protection 8379-USP
    Power supply 24V/4A 8366-USV1
    RS485 to USB Cable 8160-RS485USB
    Traverse for R25 + WS500 8367-TRAV
    Digital-analog-converter 8160-UDAC
    20m Cable 8370-UKAB20 (other lengths available)