Complete Heating System, Thermoplastic FM56000

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Product Description

Complete Heating System, Thermoplastic FM56000

Exclusively designed to give constant professional bends while working with all types of Thermoplastic materials
Acrylic - Polycarbonate - PETG - ABS - Styrene - PVC - and More!

The NEW Series 56000 Thermoplastic Heating Table. The 56000 models are re-designed from the ground up and include some great new features. These new features include the all NEW QTC44 controller (which can only be purchased with the Table), a Unistrut Rail System with 56″ x 48″ working area, quick release Cam Clamp Tray Locks, Material Support with Stops, Integrated Frame Stops and a NEW Leg Kit.

  • 4 Heating Trays
  • QTC Controller (can only be purchased with a table) with Mounting Tray
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Frame
  • 16 Gauge Powder Coated Steel Legs
  • Material Support Bar
  • 4 Stop Plates
NEW Features:
  • QTC44 Capacitive Touch Quad Control
  • Maximum Heat Button
  • Improved Timer Controls
  • Unistrut Rail System
  • Cooler running Circuit Board
  • Larger Working Area 48"w X 56"d
  • Quick Release Cam Clamp Tray Locks
  • Integrated Frame Stops
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame w/legs
  • Power Percentage Display for each Tray

Model Usage Guide for Material Thickness:

  • FM56250: 1/4" Complete Heating System 120V
    .040" - .080" (1mm – 2mm)
  • FM56375: 3/8" Complete Heating System 120V
    .080" - .156" (2mm – 4mm)
  • FM56500: 1/2" Complete Heating System 120V
    .125" - .500" (3mm – 13mm)
With faster set-up and more adjustability, the 56000 models will REDUCE FABRICATION TIMES.

Our Heating Systems have been exclusively designed to give constant professional bends while working with all types of thermoplastic materials. You can make up to four bends at a time in Thermoplastic sheets by heating along the straight line of the heat trays. These systems create sharp angle bends or folds (ie; 30º, 60º, 90º) and are capable of heating material up to 1/2" thick. Adjustment of the input voltage accomplishes precise control allowing exact matching of power to load requirements producing a precision temperature control system. The temperature of each tray is individually adjustable. Once the plastic is heated, the operator will remove the plastic sheet from the bending table, make the desired bend and then set the sheet into a fixture to cool at the appropriate angle. Bending Fixtures also available.

Specifications and additional product information
Electrical Information:
  • Input Voltage: 120v AC, 60Hz
  • Maximum Load: 120v - 1800 watts
  • Current Control Range: 0 to 100%
  • Control Mode: Q-Touch Capacitive Control
  • Outside Dimensions: 62"w x 58"d x 34"h
  • Inside Dimensions (working area): 48" w x 56" d
  • 86 lbs approx. assembled weight
  • 1700˚F ultra-hi temperature
  • Heat treated to reduce stress
  • Sealed and PTFE-coated working surface
Heating Elements:
  • Computer profiled for precise heating
  • Maximum operating temperature of 800˚F
Download the PDF brochure for more info4 page brochure and Set up
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