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    Item No: HTAB169

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    Product Description

    Humidity and Temperature - Dial w/ Black Face & Brass Case.

    The HTAB-169 Hygrometer is certified to be accurate within ±3% RH + 1 scale division.

    The dial indicates the complete range of 0 to 100% relative humidity. Each instrument has been tested for accuracy at 3 points on the scale for high, medium and low readings. The calibration and certification are done under ISO-9001 control.

    The bimetallic thermometer on the model HTAB-169 is accurate to ±1% of scale and has a range of -10° to 190°F.

    Gradations are 1% RH and 2° Fahrenheit.

    • Solid brass case
    • Gleaming finish
    • Overall diameter 6"
    • Dial 5"
    • Case drilled for wall mounting
    • Black dial with white numbers and letters
    • Manufactured and tested under ISO-9001
    • Plastic lens available upon request
    • Accuracy ±3% RH + 1 scale division
    Because these are mechanical instruments, they will not hold the ± 3% accuracy on the far ends of the scale (below 30% and above 95%).

    Item# Description   
    HTAB-169 Certified Hygro-Thermometer $195.00
    NIST NIST Certification $95.00

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