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    Forsthoff Oval Q Hot Air Tool

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    Product Description

    Forsthoff Oval Q Hot Air Tool
    Our NEW Oval-Q will be available late July 2017.

    The new, handy and high-performance dual fan hand-held welder from the FORSTHOFF Oval line. Practical and solid design combined with a slim handle ensures ergonomic and non-tiring work.

    The efficient Oval Q hot-air welder is a universal device for welding all thermoplastics. The Oval line is distinguished by its slim, slightly oval-shaped handle. The air filters are easily cleaned by simply removing them from the handle. Carbon brushes with a shut-off device make it possible to protect the collector and these can be changed several times. The double turbine system produces a strong air output of 240 liters/minute.

    The Oval Q device has a 1,650W 120V or 1,500W 230V constant and absolutely reliable temperature output of up to 1290°F. The air-cooled 1,650W heating element barrel can be used with a variety of nozzles.

    Uses include welding of technical textiles, tarpaulin and banner materials, pond liners, roofing material, and plastic sheets used in the construction of swimming pools.

    Specifications and additional product information
    Model Oval-Q
    Nominal voltage range 120 V or 230 V~
    Frequency range 50Hz - 60Hz
    Power 120 V 1,650 W or 230 V 1,500 W
    Output temperature 68-1,290°F (200-700°C)
    Noise emission level < 70dB
    Protection class II (double insulation)
    Weight 1.4 kg with mains connection lead
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