Product Description

General Purpose Cutter Sabre Series 2, 40-120 inches
Tough and Versatile General Purpose Cutter

Efficiently engineered for one off or volume production, the Sabre-Series 2 is constructed on a robust anodized aluminum baseboard. The Sabre-Series 2 is designed for use on a bench or attached to the optional stand. Using the lockable castors (included with optional stand) Sabre-Series 2 can be moved and positioned alongside any wide-format printer.

Materials:  Flag, banner, PVC Foamboard, foamcore, cardboard, corrugated plastic, polystyrene, flexible polycarbonate, flexographic plates, flooring tiles, magnetic sheet, film, self-adhesive materials and more.

The stand, also available with optional waste catcher and roll feed, makes the Sabre-Series 2 a versatile cutter with no equal. A recess integral to the base protects the blade tip when cutting and a cutting mat can be added for cutting textiles. Full length silicon rubber grip strips in the Sabre-Series 2 base and underside of the cutter bar clamp materials when cutting and provide protection to even the most sensitive surfaces.

Comes as standard with 3 blade cartridges suitable for cutting a wide range of flexible & rigid materials.
The self-adjusting hinges give lay-flat cutting on all materials up to 13mm (0.5”) in thickness. The blades cut to a depth of 13mm (0.5”) and the patented linear bearings have been tested under load for 1600km (1000 miles) and carry a 20 year guarantee.



  • Guaranteed 1:3000 straightness accuracy making the Sabre Series 2 ideal for general purpose cutting applications like roll-up banners and signage
  • With an integral base included the Sabre Series 2 is designed to sit directly on any bench of equal or greater size or mounted to the optional stand/stand packs
  • Comes as standard with three different types of Blade Holders: Graphik Blade Holder (1), Medium Duty Blade Holder (1) and the Circular Knife Blade Holder (1) to provide maximum versatility and cutting options
  • Reverse the Graphik Blades (included) to set the machine to cut Left-Right, Right-Left or both
  • Using the single tool cutting and included blade holders, switch between cutting different materials in seconds
  • The new large diameter textile wheel improves performance and longevity – cutting mat will be required
  • When heat cutting and sealing is required the  Hot Knife Holder sliding head can be quickly attached with the appropriate electric Hot Knife and detached in seconds
  • Fully equipped and ready to work with blades included
  • Patented space age bearing and slide system designed for operator adjustment and minimal maintenance
  • Available in five practical sizes, from 1.0 to 3.0 metres
Ease of use and Safety:
  • Integral hinge arms support the slide way to enable user to lift and suspend it off the work-surface when moving or re positioning media
  • Blade locking thumb screw adds safety & convenience
  • Tools interchange quickly for maximum productivity
  • Spring loaded blade holders immediately retract when not in use
  • Multiple integral full length grip cords hold work safe and sure while cutting
  • Total dust free operation - safe to use near printers and plotters
  • Circular knife supplied with blade guard to be engaged when not in use
  • Improve accuracy and versatility
  • Comes complete with measuring stop
  • Available in both metric (cm) and imperial (")
  • One size: 91cm (36”)

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