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    Strip Cutters: Guillotines

    Rennsteig Solar Working Tools, Crimping, Cutting and Stripping
    Solar Working Tools (Scroll down to order items) Rennsteig can 
    Evolution & Evolution-E2 Precision Cutter
    Integrated wide format cutting system designed to revolutionize the speed, accuracy and convenience of the finishing process. Intended to fit any bench. The Evolution-E2 boasts an outstanding .008' 
    Thermo-straight cutter
    Designed specifically for fabric and plastic film cutting and finishing, offers straight, square and clean cutting. Includes: • Sabre Cutter Bar and Base  
    Hot and Cold Strip Cutters
    The GHC-530 automatically cuts elastic, webbing (up to 1/4-inch thick), ribbons, belt loops, Velcro, nylon cords, leather, safety belts, rubber and tapes to desired lengths. Hot version seals edges of 
    Manual Feed and Auto-Cut Dispensing System
    MFAC is designed to dispense and cut a wide range of materials and comes in a number of sizes to accommodate the different widths. The MFAC is a small programmable length cutting system, which is fed manually 
    Mark & Punch Strip Cutter
    Gear driven top rollers • Tolerance ±0.5% of total cut • Best Japanese stepping motor • Easy recall memory for up to 100 job settings • Up to 30 hole punches in one cut