Product Description

Thermo-Groover KZ10
The Thermogroover's heated blade cuts grooves in synthetic rubber and thermoplastics: PU, PE, Polyester Foams and Soft PVC Synthetic Resins.


  • Cutting grooves in conveyor belts
  • Cutting thick rubber by cutting out a groove from both sides
  • Cutting grooves in foam, insulation for tubes, wiring, etc.
  • Profiling of friction linings and overlaps
  • Separating sprues
  • Removing end material from rolls
  • Removing adhesives
  • KZ-10 handle is connected to base control unit by cable and is designed for continuous use
  • Variable temperature control allows you to adjust the cutting temperature for your specific cutting width, depth and cutting speed
  • Blades instantly heat up as soon as forward pressure is applied— Holds blades from 2 to 28 mm wide
  • Available in round or wedge shapes (click Blades & Accessories below)
  • EM attachment fits on KZ-10 for 10 to 50 mm wide cuts
Blades instantly heat up as soon as forward pressure is applied. In applications where material tends to weld together again after cutting— these cuts are wide enough to prevent this problem. Cutting head holds blade sizes from 2 to 28 mm wide.

Available in 240-Volt— no additional charge.

Used by
  • Specialized tire trade
  • Artists
  • Rubber processors
  • Electricians
  • Car manufacturers
  • Molders
  • Marine refurbishing
  • Remodelers
  • Manufacturers
  • Contractors
  • Aircraft refurbishing

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