HSK Hand Held Wedge Welder 120V

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Product Description

HSK Hand Held Wedge Welder 120V

Our NEW HSK-HWW40 Hand-Held Wedge Welder 120V!

The compact design makes the hand wedge welder HSK-HWW40 suitable for all tarpaulins and thin plastics.
  • A small and handy welding machine for welding plastic tarpaulins and thin plastics
  • It can weld in difficult places and in unfavorable conditions
  • The heating power of 400W 120V AC is infinitely variable up to 400°C (752°F) and allows a precise adjustment to the respective material to be welded.
  • Available in a Kit which includes the Case, Half Moon Knife and Roller, Item: HSK-HWW30K

Technical data:
  • Electrical connection:  120V 50/60 Hz
  • Heating power: 400W 120V
  • Temperature: 20-400  C° (68-752° F)
  • Weld bead width:  Stepless 40mm