Hot Air Tools: Industrial Hot Air Tools

  • GRAND-SE (Electronic) Hot Air Tool
    This hot air blower can be hand held or built into a machine for continuous operation. For use wherever hot air is needed for warming,heating, forming, shrinking or activation. Air flow rate of 450 ...
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  • Type 3000 and Type 5000 Hot Air Tools
    Uncomplicated robust hot air tools for a wide range of applications... Used in conveying systems for shrinking, drying and performing other heating needs Require external air supply with blower or ...
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  • Type 3000E Hot Air Tool
    Modern hot air tools for numerous applications... Electronically control infinite heat settings in 120V, 230V or 380V, single phase Heating Capacity 3000W for a maximum temperature of 700°C ...
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  • Type 7500 Hot Air Tool
    by FORSTHOFF The 'Flagship' of our hot air tools! Suitable for installation in machines, heating ducts, on conveyor lines, or in apparatus because of its robust and compact design Heating capacity ...
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  • Mounting Blower HSKDT80
    Mounting blower HSKDT80 The ideal air supply for a hot air welding machine. Very quiet Long life span Low maintenance Low cost Incl. 1 socket and carrying handle Air flow: 80 ...
    Our Price: $730.00
    $730.00      $744.60
  • Hot Air 3000 Tube, 120V
    This powerful tool has extremely high heating capabilities for welding roofing membranes, sealing waste dump and fabricating heavy duty tarpaulins. Used by the automotive industry to dry out filler and to ...
    Our Price: $450.00
    $450.00      $459.00
  • VENTO-G BRUSHLESS 230v, 3400w
    The powerful service-friendly hot air blower for trade and industry.  Vento-G , with brushless motor offers a number of options with respect to the application where a flow of hot air is required for ...
    Our Price: $875.00
    $875.00      $892.50
  • Tube-G Hot Air Tool
    With tube handle design and double fan for even more air flow. Using the same high quality reliable German-made parts as the Grand-SE (hot air tool), the Tube-G-Electronic offers you a choice in handle ...
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    The Vento-Q is the efficient hot air welding device for welding all thermoplastics. The Vento-Line is characterized by its brushless motors. With consequential optimization of the active core elements of the motor ...
    Our Price: $795.00
    $795.00      $810.90
  • Medium Pressure Blower 4.9 m3/min 1000 PA
    Volume flow 4.9 m³ / min Total pressure difference 1000 PA  Voltage 3 x 400V Frequency 50 Hz Current consumption 0.32 A Speed 2750 rpm Engine power 0.075 KW Sound pressure ...
    Our Price: $975.00
    $975.00      $994.50
  • Oval G Electronic Hot Air Tool
    With tube handle design and double fan for even more air flow. The Oval-G hot air blower can be hand-held or built into a machine for continuous operation. The Oval G hot air blower can be used ...
  • Grand-LE 120V, 2220W, F0149
    The powerful hot air blower for trade and industry, 120V, 2200W $364 is our clearance price while supplies last! This hot air blower can be hand held or built into a machine for continuous ...
    Price: $560.00Save:$196.00 (35%)
    Our Price: $364.00
    $364.00      $371.28
  • Air Compressor 230V Dual Air Outlets
    Air Compressor with Dual air outlets. Volume flow 63 m³ / min Voltage 220 - 240V Frequency 50 Hz Engine power EW engine 0.25 KW Sound pressure level 67 LpA (db) EW-drive 0.25 kW ...
    Our Price: $1,469.65
    $1,469.65      $1,499.04