Plastic Fabrication

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    table { border-collapse: collapse; } table, td, th { border: 1px solid black; } Ideal for R&D or production, the TMHS400 is perfect for staking, swaging, inserting and ...
    Our Price: $3,300.00
    $3,300.00      $3,366.00
  • Integrated Welder for Ultrasonic Plastics Assembly
    The X-Press easily handles significantly larger part size and force requirements and delivers consistent reliability for every application. Built-in microprocessor with easy-access front-panel keypad ...
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  • Hot Stapler Plastic Repairs Kit
    Plastic repair has just taken a major step forward. The DF-800BR Hot Stapler Equipment helps save parts that would be difficult otherwise to save. This tool creates a strong, structural repair while still ...
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  • Heat Plate Fusion Welders
    These quality heating plates are anti-adhesive coated. They feature built-in electronic controls and the handle incorporates an interval control and on/off switch. Each is fitted with a work bench holder and ...
  • Injection Molding Granules and Powders CR Clarke
    Injection Molding Granules: CR Clarke Polystyrene Granules (Red) - A material giving high gloss moldings but brittle moldings. This material can give off a limited amount of fumes if overheated, and should ...
  • Bermaq AMT Diamond Edge Polisher
    The Bermaq AMT is a table-top machine designed for polishing acrylic and methacrylate parts (PMMA) with high quality finishing. On the AMT model, its table can be positioned to obtain bevels or angles up to ...
  • Acrylic Flame Polishing Kit
    Reduces time and cost of polishing acrylic after machining operations. Can also be used with a variety of tips to polish edges up to 6 in. wide or through holes. Hydrogen/oxygen flame will not ...
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    Our Price: $9,360.00
    $9,360.00      $9,547.20
  • CR Clarke Vacuum Former / Forming CR1210, Max Sheet 228 x 305mm
    CR Clarke CR1210 Vacuum Former Our CR Clarke CR1210 Vacuum Former has been developed for high performance, ease of use and low maintenance. The machine is fitted with a robust diaphragm vacuum pump ...
    Our Price: $3,230.00
    $3,230.00      $3,294.60
  • CR Clarke Injection Mold Machine
    The CR Clarke CR25 machine is ideal for both education and small-batch industrial production, providing a clear demonstration of injection molding principles while producing high quality moldings. A mold ...
  • CR Clarke Vacuum Former / Forming CR750FLB, Max Sheet 508 x 458mm
    CR Clarke Vacuum Former CR750FLB (482mm x 422mm max Aperture) Our CR Clarke CR750FLB Vacuum Former has been developed for high performance, ease of use and low maintenance. The machine is fitted with a ...
    Our Price: $8,581.00
    $8,581.00      $8,752.62
  • CR Clarke Vacuum Former / Forming CR1820, Max Sheet 508 x 458mm
    CR Clarke Vacuum Former CR1820 The CR Clarke CR1820 vacuum former is a flexible workhorse. With a huge 285mm depth of draw, and the largest forming area in our range, it's a formidable beast. Capable of ...
    Our Price: $12,790.00
    $12,790.00      $13,045.80
  • CR Clarke Vacuum Former / Forming, CR242, Max Sheet 686 x 660
    CR Clarke CR242 Vacuum Forming Machine Our range of vacuum forming machines has been developed for high performance and low maintenance. The CR Clarke CR242 has a maximum sheet size of 686 x 660mm, and a ...
    Our Price: $40,108.00
    $40,108.00      $40,910.16
  • CR Clarke Thermoforming Center CR911
    CR Clarke Thermoforming Center CR911 The CR Clarke CR911 provides six thermoforming processes in a single machine. A two zone ceramic heater system ensures even heating for vacuum forming and also heats the ...
    Our Price: $17,883.00
    $17,883.00      $18,240.66
  • CR Clarke Sheet Press CRR30 230V
    CR Clarke CRR30 Sheet Press The CR Clarke CRR30 Sheet Press converts granulated thermoplastic material into a usable form using heat and pressure. As standard, the formed article is a flat plastic sheet, ...
    Our Price: $6,439.00
    $6,439.00      $6,567.78
  • CR Clarke Granulator CRR25
    CR Clarke Granulator, CRR25 The CR Clarke CRR25 is an industrial quality plastic granulator. Suitable materials for recycling include PP, HIPS, ABS and LDPE. Materials to be granulated are loaded into the ...
    Our Price: $7,583.00
    $7,583.00      $7,734.66
  • Pipe Socket Fusion Welder Set
    Temperature 393 - 534°F (201 - 279°C) HHSW63W : Basic welding tool TYPE HHSW 633/8 to 2 inches 12 0V HSK100109 : Socket Fusion Set 20 to 63MM 230V Spigot and socket Steel Box Table ...
    The model TTSW-1000 welds most plastics with circular mating surfaces up to 4” in diameter. This precise and reliable servo driven spin welder is programmable via a simple touch screen. Constructed of ...
    Our Price: $19,800.00
    $19,800.00      $20,196.00
  • CR Clarke Diamond Edge Polisher CR1550H
    The CR Clarke CR1550H Diamond Edge Polishing machine converts thermoplastic sheet edges to a brightly polished surface in one operation. It can process plastic materials up to 50mm in thickness and ...
    Our Price: $33,549.00
    $33,549.00      $34,219.98
  • CR Clarke CR45 Profile Cutter
    CR Clarke CR145 Profile Cutter/Router The trimming of vacuum formed moldings can be a laborious and skilled process, making it difficult in a teaching environment. The CR Clarke CR145 has been ...
    Our Price: $1,381.00
    $1,381.00      $1,408.62
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