Industrial Supplies

AB-15 Real Paint Pens
**Over One Million Sold** Mark Permanently with Real Paint Pens! Plastic, leather, stone, wood, metal, paper, etc. An opaque, weatherproof, non-toxic enamel... dries to a glossy finish in seconds... 
Fine Point Paint Pens
AB-11 Paint Pens. $19.25/pkg of 6 Delivered Price, Any mix of colors per 
PX-30 Broad Point Paint Markers
Broadline Paint Markers with large chisel nib. The seven permanent opaque colors are weather and fade resistant. Suitable for outdoor signs, labeling large items and painting anything exposed to sunlight and 
Pyrometers and sensors for pyrometers
An Indispensable Tool - An Irresistible Price! For accurate temperature measurements by - Injection Molders - Thermoformers Extruders - Blow Molders - Rubber Molders.  E-Z Probe is designed to go where 
XC200 Hand Held Meter - Temp & Humidity
Our Price: $65.00-$359.00
From  $65.00ex VAT$66.30inc VAT
The powerful and compact handheld device with state-of-the-art and robust design. Excellent accuracy. The high-resolution color screen displays rel. humidity, temperature and dew point. Excellent readability. The 
Digital Melting Point Meter
Designed to measure the melting point of various substances. Can be used for testing plastics, waxes, resins, inks, gums, fats, tars, low melting point alloys, organic and inorganic compounds, and many 
Medoc Retractable Safety Knife
Cutting-edge automatic retraction system • Reversible blade • Handle 
Medocain Retractable Safety Knife
This durable retractable safety knife utilizes the same design as our popular Medoc Safety Knife but the knife head and blade guide are made of Zamak, a high strength metal alloy. A natural gripping motion 
TANIN Magnesium Retractable Safety Knife
Our Price: $46.00
From  $46.00ex VAT$46.92inc VAT
First knife in magnesium with trigger and an automatic retractable blade.  Very resistant and light.  Ideal for opening all kinds of 
Standard Ion Air Knife
A sheet of ionized air is an effective way to eliminate static and clean parts or materials! Our Standard Ion Air Knife removes static electricity from plastics, webs, sheet stock and other surfaces where 
Super Air Knife
Quiet, hard-hitting curtain of air for blowoff, cleaning, drying and cooling. The Super Air Knife offers a more efficient way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors. It delivers a uniform sheet of 
Standard Ion Air Knife Kits
A sheet of ionized air is an effective way to eliminate static and clean parts or materials! 
Our Price: $12.95
From  $12.95ex VAT$13.21inc VAT
The Greatest Pocket Reference of all Time! Now 864 Pages of tables, maps, formulas, constants & conversions •Fits into your shirt pocket— 3.2' x 5.4' x 7/8'— Now 30% 
The Vac-u-gun is a low cost solution to a wide variety of industrial housekeeping problems. It is a vacuum gun, a blow gun and a 
Clean Walker Sticky Mat
Our Price: $358.00
From  $358.00ex VAT$365.16inc VAT
ideal for: • Semiconductor Factories • Electronics Manufacturing • Precision Instrument Manufacturing • Food Manufacturing • Packaging Material Plants • Printing Industry