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Ultrasonic Welding: Ultrasonic Welders

  • Titanium Staking Tips for Ultrasonic Welders
    For use with our 500-watt hand-held ultrasonic welder for plastics assembly; the 20-kHz, Model H-520. Special carbide-faced wear resistant tips are also available, as well as flat, knurled and custom faced ...
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  • Ultrasonic Welder Presses and Attachments
    For assembling parts where production volume does not justify more expensive pneumatic presses, providing a more controlled motion of the welder than what is possible by just holding the hand gun, resulting in ...
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  • Integrated Welder for Ultrasonic Plastics Assembly
    The X-Press easily handles significantly larger part size and force requirements and delivers consistent reliability for every application. Built-in microprocessor with easy-access front-panel keypad ...
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    The TTHG2 ultrasonic handgun is ideal for spot welding plastic sheet and attaching non-woven materials using a variety of standard and application specific horns. This unit can be set to weld continuously or by ...
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