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    Product Description

    Plastic Cutting Saw
    No chipping... just smooth edges.
    A versatile cutting saw for...

    • PVC
    • Acrylic Plastics
    • Cabinet Tops
    • Hardboard
    • Pressed Board
    • Siding
    • Signs
    • Plywood
    • Mild Steel

    The KS444 Saw is perfect for cutting acrylic plastic. It is equipped with the new 3½" diameter equal rake cutting blade (7/16" bore) that lets you cut with a smooth edge without chipping. Optional blades are available for cutting a variety of materials, including plywood, hardboard, pressed board, siding, signs, cabinet tops, PVC and mild steel— 24 gauge and lighter (call for appropriate blade for your application). The KS444 has a spring loaded blade guard, which automatically covers the blade when the tool is not in use. The K268-18 vacuum guard attaches to a shop vacuum for chip removal and works with all models.

    The Model K144 Cutting Kit includes the KS444 sawing 120-volt power unit, 3½" diameter 60-tooth blade, and interchangeable scissor shear head for cutting plastics. Kit comes in a compact, portable all-steel carrying case. Pneumatically powered version available (90 psi power source). Also includes (2) K157-888 80-tooth spare blades and (1) K157-810 100-tooth spare blade.