Plastic Cutting Hand Saws

    Super Duty Electric Round Knife Cutter The most powerful cutting tool for Technical Textiles and Thin Plastics The TASW12M is especially suitable for cutting composite materials like glass fiber, ...
    Our Price: $1,915.00
    $1,915.00      $1,953.30
    Cordless Rotary Shear with Charger and Carrying Case ...Revolutionary and Powerful The TAZERO702 weighs only 4 lbs (battery included), with 18V 400 watts of power. It can cut any material at the ...
    Our Price: $1,665.00
    $1,665.00      $1,698.30
    This powerful PS544 Pneumatic Panel Saw has no equal. For cutting drywall, plywood , laminate, hardboard or other soft or rigid materials up to 1-1/16' thick,  It features a cast aluminum saw head 3-1/2' ...
    Our Price: $645.00
    $645.00      $657.90
  • Vacuum Saws
    D-Handled Vacuum Saw and Pneumatic Vacuum Saw. For heavy-duty, dust-free cutting of fiberglass, plastics or hazardous dust-producing materials, powerful 1500 RPM D-Handled vacuum saw connects to canister-type ...
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  • RASOR Monster Bench mount cutter
    Super Duty Electric Round Knife Bench-Mount Cutter The most powerful cutting tool for Technical Textiles and Thin Plastics Our TASW12SM features central knife guidance, new main power switch with LED, ...
    Our Price: $1,970.00
    $1,970.00      $2,009.40
  • Chip Vac Accessories
    The following are accessories for the Chip Vac System: EXB6804 Replacement Filter Bag, 0.1 micron, 99.92% efficient $54.00 EXB901176 Tool Holder 95.00 ...
    Electric Rotary Shears. A Truly High Level of Technology. The TAOPTIMA 702 has 150 watts of impressive cutting torque, and able to cut any kind of soft material up to 0.7 inch (18mm) thick. Widely used ...
    Our Price: $1,139.00
    $1,139.00      $1,161.78
  • Electrical scissors 120V 7 edge blade mold trimmer
    TADS503MT is the new electrical hand-held cutting machine designed for trimming the edges. The new slim shaped foot is welded with a counter blade to reduce the overall dimension of the shear. With TADS503MT is ...
    Our Price: $995.00
    $995.00      $1,014.90
  • Heavy Duty HEPA Industrial Vacuum
    Heavy Duty HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) compressed air operated vacuum! A rugged high capacity HEPA quality vacuum for dusty environments. It attaches to any ordinary 30, 55 or 110 gallon open top ...
  • Plastic Cutting Saw
    No chipping... just smooth edges. A versatile cutting saw for... PVC Acrylic Plastics Cabinet Tops Hardboard Pressed Board Siding Signs Plywood Mild Steel The KS444 ...
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  • Chip Vac Systems
    Chip Vac Systems Chip Vac picks up dry or wet chips and delivers them directly to an ordinary 55, 30 or 5 gallon drum (open head steel, fiber or plastic drum in good condition).  A steel drum with ...
  • N95 Industrial Particulate Respirator, 3M
    3M Industrial Particulate Respirators, N95 . Designed to help provide comfortable, reliable worker respiratory protection against certain non-oil based particles in suggested applications including ...