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    TEMP/HUMIDITY GAUGE - Dial w/ White Face & Brass Case

    Item No: 5033-32

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    Product Description

    TEMP/HUMIDITY GAUGE - Dial w/ White Face & Brass Case
    Test certificate included!

    A beautiful Lufft instrument with easy-to-read face. These units have been giving accurate readings for many years. Made in Germany by Lufft and accurate to ±3% + 1 scale division (30 to 95% relative humidity and ±1°C (0 - 40° C) + 1 scale graduation on the temperature.

    The humidity is sensed by a durotherm element that is a synthetic hygroscopic fiber that expands and contracts in response to the moisture in the air.

    The temperature is indicated by the actuation of a bimetallic spring which transmits changes by expansion and contraction.

    The calibration and certification are done under ISO-9001 control.

    Specifications and additional product information
    Technical Specifications
    Case Gleaming brass with flange
    Size 6" overall, 5" dial
    Range 0 to 100% RH
    10°F to 170°F
    Accuracy -8°C to 75°C
    ±1°C (0 - 40° C) + 1 scale graduation
    Divisions 5°F / 2°C