Item No: AFF135

Shannon 110V AUTOMATIC Single Bend MACHINE

Product Description

Shannon 110V AUTOMATIC Single Bend MACHINE

Heats and Automatically makes single in thin plastics

Shannon AFF135 is an easy-to-operate and very productive automatic bending machine for thin plastic sheets. Bend one sheet up to 4'5" (135 cm) long or multiple smaller sheets in a single pass. Maximum sheet thickness 1.5mm (0.6in)

These Shannon machines include an accurate, adjustable electronic heating element that can also be controlled in contact-time. The material is heated by a teflon-coated sword, which can be easily replaced with different sizes, so that the radius can be changed accordingly. A foot switch controls the heating element.

The upper frame has an adjustable clamping bar. The vacuum system, holds sheets into place during heating, bending and cooling. During the cooling process, cold air is blown onto the bent parts to increase the production speed.

Set the angle of the bend with the protractor. The durable Trespa® table top is provided with an adjustable stop.

Includes one Teflon Heating Sword with 3mm contact

The under frame with wheels and brakes is included.

Shannon AFF135 Single Bend Machine video:

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Specifications and additional product information

Working length:

135 cm / 4'5"



Standard sheet thickness:

0.2 – 1.0 mm (.007-.039 in)

Maximum sheet thickness:

1.5 mm (.059 in)

Adjustable clamping bars:

One standard provided

Angle setting:

0 - 180°


175 kg. (383 lbs)

Air connection:

90 psi

Connection voltage:

110V or 220V upon request

CE Certified


Lead Time

2-6 weeks