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    Product Description

    GROOVE JET 400
    Hot Knife Groove Foam Cutter Kit with Fence

    Kit includes: Groove Jet 400 with 10' of NWFT Flat Wire and Hard Plastic Case.

    The hot knife blade is up front where it belongs. Cuts foam all the way to inside corners.

    • Hot Knife Weighs Only 4 lbs 
    • Handles up to 5" x 3" NWFW 
    • Hot Knife Foam Cutting Blades
    • Wire and Case Included
    • Hot Knife Blades Heat Up Quickly 
    • Cuts Foam Clean with One Pass
    • Also Available in 220 Volts
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    Item WCP: Optional Wire Bending and Crimping Tool, for shaping blades $21.
    crimping tool image