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    Pneumatic Plastic Bending Table

    Product Description

    Pneumatic Plastic Bending Table

    Pneumatic Plastic Bending Table (110V or 220V specify when ordering)
    For: PP displays • Signs • Literature racks, etc. (Line Bending)

    • Double-sided heating. Heating time for 1/8" acrylic is about 25 seconds.
    • Makes multiple bends in PP, PE, PS, PC, PVC, and PMMA
    • Bends sheets up to 5/8” thick (over 1/4” takes additional time and may require routing)
    • Adjustable heating filaments with heat reflectors with controls
    • The height of the filaments in the reflectors can be adjusted to work with different thicknesses and radii.
    • The lower heating reflectors and parallel stop are easily set using the inch/millimeter scale
    • The lower work surface has adjustable sliding panels
    • Pneumatic Pressure bars hold the material in place during the heating process
    • Uses compressed air to semi-automatically operate the top frame along with foot switch and timer. Opens when heating is complete.
    • Made of Durable, Scratch Resistant Trespa panels, steel frame.

    U.S. LTL Shipping Included!

    Adjustable stop bar

    Heating filaments in the bending table.

    Accessories to Bending Table

    Under-profile reflector with 3 wires. Ideal for bending big radius.

    A range of reflectors are available with a variety in length, width and multiple heating-wires. Reflectors top and bottom up to 250 mm. in width and with 12 wires each have been made. Our standard multiple wire reflectors with 2 to 4 wires and 30 to 120 mm. in width are capable of bending plastic sheets up to 25 mm. thickness and ideal for bending a big radius.

    Foil profiles

    Thin sheets (0,3 to 1,5 mm.) can be bent straight with no distortion with our teflon coated foil bending profiles. These profiles are also perfect for bending Forex or foamed PVC to prevent ‘ears’ on the sides of the bends so cutting of these deformed sides after bending is not needed. The foil bending profiles are also available with a double contact-back to make 2 very close bends possible. A range of back-sizes are available (from 2 to 10 mm. width). Our standard lengths: 50, 65 and 125 cm.

    Regulating Unit

    Our plastic bending machines are standard constructed to be easily extended with extra regulating units at any time. Double regulating units are also available for continuously variable adjusting the temperature of 2 heating wires.


    Specifications and additional product information
    ARK125 ARK65
    Working Length 4 ft (125cm) 2 ft (65cm)
    Standard Sheet Thickness 1/32" - 5/16" (0.4-8mm) 1/32" - 5/16" (0.4-8mm)
    Maximum Sheet Thickness 5/8" (15mm) with routing and extra time 5/8" (15mm) with routing and extra time
    Maximum regulating units 4 2
    Adjustment on Reflectors/ filaments 7/8" to 24" 7/8" to 20"
    Outside Dimensions 58"W x 27"D x 11"H
    (on bottom deck).
    34"W x 25"D x 11"H
    Work surface dimensions 49"W x 26"D 25"W x 24"D
    Height open 29" 29"
    Power Consumption 500 Watts 500 Watts
    Power Supply 110V or 220-230V 110V or 220-230V
    Air Requirement 90psi 90psi
    CE certified yes yes
    Lead time 2-6 wks 2-6 wks
    Weight 275lbs. 220lbs
    GridItemIDItem NoItem InformationPriceOrder Qty
    1207ARK6511110V Bending Table 2 ft (65cm) 1 tray under + 1x upper + 1x DB reg unit
    1208ARK6522110V Bending Table 2 ft (54cm) 2 Trays under + 2x upper + 2x DB reg units
    5907ARK6511EV110V Bending Table 2 ft, 1 under, 1 upper, 2 EV reg units
    1198ARK12511110V Bending Table 4 ft, 1x under + 1x upper + 1x DB reg unit
    343ARK12522110V Bending Table 4FT, 2 under, 2 upper, 2 DB reg units
    344ARK12533110V Bending Table 4 FT, 3 upper, 3 under, 3 DB reg units
    345ARK12544110V Bending Table 4 ft, 4 upper, 4 under, 4 DB reg units
    4643ARK1252X30110V Bending Table 4 Ft, 2X30 TOP & BOTTOM & 4 reg units
    5908ARK12511EV110V Bending Table 4 ft, 1 under, 1 upper 2 EV reg units
    5909ARK12522EV110V Bending Table 4 Ft, 2 under, 2 upper, 4 reg units
    5881ARW198Nichrome Wire for heating tables 21.00 per meter
    4235ARK125UFMobile Underframe 125cm with Wheels and Brake