Item No: TADD120DT


Product Description

Rasor 220V OR 380V Bi-directional Electric 3-Phase Direct Drive Slitter

Our professional cutting unit for high-speed cutting in Technical Textile and Composite applications!
The Rasor TADD120DT is able to cut both directions (through an inverter). The 8-sided 120 mm knife allows a cutting thickness up to 2" (50mm), even for multiple layers. It is direct drive (has no coupling gear), which means no maintenance, reducing operation costs. The model is widely applied in textile, technical fabrics or composite material fields. It can even cut many rubber and plastic base materials. The knife can reach a speed of 2600 RPM, perfect for working at very high speed during non-stop 24h/7 day cutting. The combination of knife and counterblade assure a precise and sharp cut without scraps. The induction three-phase motor is balanced and silenced requiring no maintenance while assuring reliability for life.

The base of TADD120DT is Teflon®- coated to reduce friction with the material and can be installed on sliding rails within a small space. The push button sharpening stone allows the sharpening of the knife edge in less than 10 seconds without removing the knife. The limited maintenance, low production cost and bi-directional function make TADD120DT the best realiable solution for any high speed O.E.M. application.

Specifications and additional product information



230V or 380V

Blade diameter:

4.7" with double hard metal counterblade


12SHSS, 8-sided, HSS steel

Blade speed:

2,600 r.p.m.

Cutting Ability:

2" (50mm) bidirectional


180W. 3-phases asynchronous 380V
or 220V, 50 Hz


IP20 – CL F

Net weight (with power supply cord):

9 lbs

Electric cable length:

5' (with no plug)

Temperature range:

32-131° F

Humidity range:

10 – 95% without condensation

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