Electric Cutters

  • Super Duty Electric Round Knife Cutter The most powerful cutting tool for Technical Textiles and Thin Plastics The TASW12M is especially suitable for cutting composite materials like glass fiber, ...
    Our Price: $1,915.00
    $1,915.00      $1,953.30
  • This latest version in the TAOPTIMA series results a truly revolutionary hand-held cutting machine. Already over 1000 units sold of previous version the new 2019 model grant a highest level in technology ever ...
    Our Price: $1,139.00
    $1,139.00      $1,161.78
  • Cordless Rotary Shear with Charger and Carrying Case ...Revolutionary and Powerful The TAZERO702 weighs only 4 lbs (battery included), with 18V 400 watts of power. It can cut any material at the ...
    Our Price: $1,665.00
    $1,665.00      $1,698.30
  • Rasor 220V OR 380V Bi-directional Electric 3-Phase Direct Drive Slitter Our professional cutting unit for high-speed cutting in Technical Textile and Composite applications!   The Rasor ...
    Our Price: $1,860.00
    $1,860.00      $1,897.20
  • Electric Rotary Shears. A Truly High Level of Technology.  Price Reduced to $ 911.00! The TAOPTIMA 702 has 150 watts of impressive cutting torque, and able to cut any kind of soft ...
    Price: $1,139.00Save:$228.00 (20%)
    Our Price: $911.00
    $911.00      $929.22
  • TADS503MT is the new electrical hand-held cutting machine designed for trimming the edges. The new slim shaped foot is welded with a counter blade to reduce the overall dimension of the shear. With TADS503MT is ...
    Our Price: $995.00
    $995.00      $1,014.90
  • The new model NERA504 is a revolutionary hand held battery driven shear cutter for any kind of textile fiber that weights only 1.3 lbs and has 900 rpm! This unique tool combines the cutting ...
    Our Price: $725.00
    $725.00      $739.50
  • Super Duty Electric Round Knife Bench-Mount Cutter The most powerful cutting tool for Technical Textiles and Thin Plastics Our TASW12SM features central knife guidance, new main power switch with LED, ...
    Our Price: $1,970.00
    $1,970.00      $2,009.40