Thermo-straight cutter with Holder

ACTC 20, AZ Formen Hot knife cutter

Product Description

Thermo-straight cutter with Holder

Designed specifically for fabric and plastic film cutting and finishing, offers straight, square and clean cutting. 

The 40" cutter cuts up to 36" material, and the 80" cutter cuts up to 75" material. 120" cutter cuts up to 115".

  • Sabre Cutter Bar and Base
  • Hot Knife Carrier 
  • Cuts on a strip of silicone tape

For a more efficient cut and longevity of the cutting surface, we recommend purchase of a 1/4" tempered glass sheet (available at most hardware stores).

Human errors and makeshift straight edges are now a thing of the past. The Thermo-Straight Cutter cuts approximately ¼” from the edge of the Sabre cutter bar, ensuring straight line cuts in the same location every time.

Your shop can accommodate today’s high-demand fabric graphics– and more of them! Using the heated blades of the Thermo-Straight Cutter knives, your operators can quickly cut and seal the edges of synthetic fabrics. Eliminate the time associated with cumbersome hand-cutting and final trimming of frayed or unraveled edges.

The Heat Knife Carrier is safe to use. The heating mechanism is activated only when the spring-loaded trigger is depressed by a center post. As soon as it is released, the heating element automatically turns off. A left production stop also reduces contact between the warm blade and nearby materials.