Air Nippers

Hand Held Air Nippers
Tools & Blades for Virtually Every Plastic Cutting Application. 8 models available. Features safety locking lever operation, Ergonomic design, Lightweight, right- or left-hand operation, End cap 
Scissor Nippers,  Round or Hand-held
Available in both hand-held and round body models, The GT-H Series Light-Duty Scissor Nippers are ideal for cutting cardboard, fabric, plastic sheeting, and other lightweight materials. Blades are 
Hand Nippers for Degating Plastics
Hand Nippers are ideal for cutting gates when pneumatic nippers are not practical. Specifically designed pivot joint lessens operator effort! Replaceable high quality plastic resin return spring reduces  
GTNY10G Horizontal Sliding Air Nippers
No shaking, no play– solid accurate 
Thrust-Cut Fan-Gate Nipper System
Fan gates as wide as 3 inches can now be cut accurately and efficiently with the TC-63 Thrust Cutter and the TCH-63 Heated Thrust 
Vertical-Type Slide-off Air Nipper
Excellent finish accuracy by cutting closer to work. Blade opening can be adjusted, Slide stroke can be adjusted. Slide part has no looseness (gap). Compact size. Tube fitting type is also available,  
Foot Pedal meets OSHA requirements
Our Price: $183.33
From  $183.33$187.00
Adjustable Nipper Stand
Reduces Worker Fatigue and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Our new Nipper Stands have been designed to mount the GT-NR20 and GT-NR30 Series nippers. Both nipper stands have a total swing of 105 degrees and are 
Blades for GT-NT Nippers
Our blades come in a wide variety of styles and shapes for virtually every type of plastic degating, trimming or cutting need. In addition, we are able to quickly design custom blades for your application.