Air Nippers

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Our blades come in a wide variety of styles and shapes for virtually every type of plastic degating, trimming or cutting need. In addition, we are able to quickly design custom blades for your application. 
Reduces Worker Fatigue and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Our new Nipper Stands have been designed to mount the GT-NR30 Series nippers. This stand has a total swing of 105 degrees and are designed for fixturing or  
Tools & Blades for Virtually Every Plastic Cutting Application. 8 models available. Features safety locking lever operation, Ergonomic design, Lightweight, right- or left-hand operation, End cap 
Easy-to-select nippers for your degating application. Lightweight to reduce fatigue and repetitive motion injuries. Kit consists of: Nipper, Blade, OD Hose (6'), Valve (20PF and 
Hand Nippers are ideal for cutting gates when pneumatic nippers are not practical. Specifically designed pivot joint lessens operator effort! Replaceable high quality plastic resin return spring reduces  
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Connects between the compressor and the slide-off air nipper to adjust the slide and cut 
Uses a precision linear rail system with both forward and reverse 10 mm slide strokes. Can be attached to the plastic molding machine or used as a gate cutting device, thereby saving 
Cutting edge surface is clean and smooth, because cutting can be made from thin side of film gate. Blade opening can be adjusted from 0 to 12mm. Main cylinder is blue alumite finished and provides excellent