Flowmeters for Plastic Molding

  • Flow Regulators
    Smartflow® flow regulators provide a unique, leak-free, single-point manual flow control. This regulator incorporates the proven mechanical flowmeter and integral needle valve in a compact design. Its very ...
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  • Hot Oil Flowmeters
    Smartflow® hot oil flowmeters are durable, vane-operated devices that provide visual indication of flow rate in gallons per minute. The indicator ball is separated from the process by a high temperature ...
  • Small Mechanical Flowmeters
    NEW! Reinforced Nylon End Caps reduce weight and cost of proven mechanical flowmeter design. Stainless steel stabilizer ring holds threads stable, preventing distortion. Nylon material provides ...
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  • Tracer vm Bluetooth Interface
    The Tracer ® vm Bluetooth Interface collects, transmits and saves data from Tracervm Base flowmeters installed in injection mold cooling circuits. Flowmeters purchased separately are connected via cable ...
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  • Turbulent Flow Indicator
    Displays the condition of the water as it relates to flow efficiency: laminar flow, transient flow, or turbulent flow. This turbulent flow indicator has four scales built into the meter: three scales for ...
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  • Dr. Eddy Flowmeter
    Diagnoses flow condition using FCI Technology  This turbulent flow indicator has four scales built into the meter: three scales for turbulence and one scale for flow rate. Turbulent Flow Scales are ...
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  • Precision Flow Regulator Delta-Q
    Delta-Q™ is a robust, low-cost precision flow regulator module that can be used in conjunction with other components such as threaded end caps, flowmeters, temperature and pressure gauges, ...
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  • VM Tracer flowmeters
    The Tracer ® vm Flowmeter is a non-display sensor that provides a 0.5 to 3.5 Volt output for process flow rate and a 0.5 to 4.1 Volt output for process temperature. Flow sensor technology is highly accurate ...