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    Plastic Molding: Plastic Molding Equipment

    Aluminum Manifold 2in (1/2in Ports)
    Our Price: $102.00-$595.00
    From  $102.00$104.04
    Smartflow® aluminum manifolds are constructed from extruded material, machined, then anodized for corrosion protection. Many manifold sizes are stocked, however custom manifolds can be made to 
    Aluminum Manifold 1in (1/4in Ports)
    Our Price: $62.00-$427.00
    From  $62.00$63.24
    Smartflow ® aluminum manifolds are constructed from extruded material, machined, then anodized for corrosion 
    Small Mechanical Flowmeters
    NEW! Reinforced Nylon End Caps reduce weight and cost of proven mechanical flowmeter design. Stainless steel stabilizer ring holds threads stable, preventing distortion. Nylon material provides 
    Dr. Eddy Flowmeter
    Our Price: $157.00
    From  $157.00$160.14
    Diagnoses flow condition using FCI Technology  This turbulent flow indicator has four scales built into the meter: three 
    Tracer vm Bluetooth Interface
    Our Price: $1,032.00
    From  $1,032.00$1,052.64
    The Tracer ® vm Bluetooth Interface collects, transmits and saves data from Tracervm Base flowmeters installed in injection mold cooling circuits.  
    SWAP Valves Molded and Aluminum
    The SWAP Valve is a simple, manually selectable device that supplies cooling water to the mold during processing or air to purge the water from the mold, cooling lines, Supply and Return manifolds prior to tool 
    Ejector tie-in
    Installs easily into existing tapped holes, no additional machining required. Reduces mold setting time by quickly uncoupling, plus no loose parts to stow. Remains coupled during mold cycling for 
    Mold Protective Limit Switches
    Thinswitch® Limit Switch verifies ejector plate return in plastics injection molds. This small switch is thin enough to fit inside the ejector housing. It can also be used for core slides, or anyplace space is 
    SMARTLOCK Slide Retainer & Limit Switch 175 Degrees Max .44"/11mm dia non-captive plunger
    Our Price: $129.00
    From  $129.00$131.58
    Smartlock Slide Retainer and Limit Switch provides switching and a slide detent in one unique package. The locking function prevents premature slide movement during molded part ejection while the SPDT switch is