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    Impulse Sealers: Heat Sealers

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    • Affordable Impulse and Vacuum Sealers
      Vacuum & Seal (requires air) •  Vacuum Gauge •  Backlit LCD Digital Panel •  Smart Controls  •  Compressed Air & Gas Push-in Fittings for Fast, Easy Setup ...
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    • Production Tube Sealer PTS-36
      PTS-36 Production Tube Sealer Our new PTS-36 Production Tube Sealer features a worm gear system for rapid/precise adjustment from the ...
      Our Price: $4,495.00
      $4,495.00      $4,584.90
    • Impulse Sealer with Cutter
      Equipped with a sliding cutting blade to cut excess material 1/4 inch from the seal. Ideal for sealing poly tubing. Available in 2 mm and 5 mm width seals. Excellent for applications in the medical, ...
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    • Semi-Automatic Impulse Sealer with Holding Magnet
      This portable tabletop impulse sealer seals thermoplastic material with ease. The built in magnet holds the sealing arm down and then releases it automatically when the cooling cycle is completed. Unit ...
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    • Automatic Single Impulse Sealers
      Designed for the continuous sealing of thermoplastic films such as polyethylene and polypropylene. All of our automatic sealers operate on the impulse sealing method, controlled by a plug-in transistorized ...
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    • Hand Double Sealers
      Top and bottom heating elements for applications that require the sealing of thick bags. Heavy duty hand-operated unit seals up to 20-mil density material. Excellent for plastic lined, foil and gussett bag. ...
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    • Impulse Foot Sealer (open throat) with cutter
      This impulse foot sealer with cutter has an obstruction free throat allowing the use of roll-dispensed material to pack and seal. Can be adjusted to a 30-degree angle making it perfect for sealing liquids, ...
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    • Pneumatic Impulse Foot Sealers
      Safe to use, pressure speed control, great seal. For sealing applications where time and pressure need to be regulated. Seal pressure is consistent and ...
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    • Impulse Foot Sealers
      The FL Series Impulse Foot Sealers are equipped with foot pedal activation, thus freeing the user's hands to feed the machine. Each unit comes complete with pedestal stand, adjustable worktable and foot ...
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    • Adjustable Angle Impulse Foot Sealer
      Perfect for sealing liquids, powders. Adjustable Angle Head Impulse Foot Sealer allows user to bring sealing jaws closer to product by tilting its head down. Minimizes the need to constantly lift the product to ...
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    • 2 mm Seal-and-Cut Impulse Foot Sealers
      Enhances seal and eliminates waste. Seal-and-Cut Impulse Foot Sealer designed to cut and seal in one operation. With both a round wire and a flat 2-mm wire, gives operator a secured seal while eliminating ...
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    • Table Press Sealers
      Suitable for sealing powder & liquid products. Table or wall-mounted to do vertical sealing. Unique stainless steel, portable impulse sealer seals bags rapidly while holding the bag with two hands. Activate ...
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    • Stainless Hand Sealer w/ Cutter 20 inch
      This NEW impulse hand sealer is easy to clean and maintain. It has a stainless cover, and is water resistent, suitable for seafood and any water packaging. ...
      Our Price: $310.00
      $310.00      $316.20
    • Stainless Hand Sealer w/ Cutter 16 inch
      This NEW impulse hand sealer is easy to clean and maintain. It has a stainless cover, and is waterproof, suitable for seafood and any water packaging. ...
      Our Price: $275.00
      $275.00      $280.50
    • Double-Impulse Foot Sealers
      This double impulse foot sealer incorporates twin elements (top and bottom) for heavy-duty applications and can accommodate up to 20-mil material. It makes a 5-mm wide seal and fuses the material from both sides ...
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