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    Deburring Tools: Plastic Deburring Tools

    • Ceramic Double-Burr DB5000
      Simultaneously removes burrs from both sides of workpiece. Ergonomically designed handle with guard to protect you while you work. Includes: V-shaped blade mounted in a DB handle (blades can be ...
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    • Cenon - Pkg/5
      Disposable safety knife to cut shrink-wrapped packages and plastic straps. The metal pin is used for tearing packing adhesives. with fiber glass, very rigid. ...
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    • RUSH II Safety Scraper
      Safety scraper in composite material with safety lock for a safer use. Delivered with a blade, easy to ...
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    • Lescure II Safety Scraper
      Lescure safety scraper with easily replaceable blade. Blade guarded for safety while ...
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      Ideal for weld preparation. Our patented line of Beveling machines provide a more effective method of beveling over slow grinding and torch cutting. No Vibration - No Heat - No Fumes - No ...
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    • Rapid Burr Deburring tool Pkg 2
      Package of 2.  Includes: S10 blade, 12 mm hexagonal aluminum handle. Accepts all 'S' blades ('E' blades) 12mm hexagonal painted handle and S10 Blade. Steel housing for long life of handle. Blade is ...
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    • Deburring Handles and Blades
      NogaGrip-1 holds all S blades. Spare blades are kept inside back cap. Designed for maximum comfort in your hand. Rabid Burr Holds all S blades. The blade is ...
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    • Turbo-Burr
      One pass deburring and safety edging of plastics or sheet metal. • Easily brought to the work site • For use as both a hand or as a bench-mounted tool • Breaks sharp edges on parts at mill, saw ...
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    • SafeCut Deburring Tool
      High Tech Ceramic Deburring Tool. Space age ceramics makes deburring safe because of SafeCut’s unique non blade-like edge. Deburrs hard plastics effortlessly without the fear of cutting your hand or ...
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    • The BurrShaver
      The best way yet to quickly remove edge burrs from plastic parts, stock and sheets. Allows for fast burr removal from edges of plastic parts, sheets, etc. • Safe, non-exposed cutting edge. Cuts ...
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