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    Fusion Welders

    • Socket Fusion Pipe Welder
      The fusion welders are electric tubular heaters cast in aluminum mounted on a clampable base and they come with a control box which regulates the electric power thereby controlling the temperature. A mounting ...
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    • Heat Plate Fusion Welders
      These quality heating plates are anti-adhesive coated. They feature built-in electronic controls and the handle incorporates an interval control and on/off switch. Each is fitted with a work bench holder and ...
    • EasyWeld Mobile Butt Welder
      EasyWeld 110 Butt Welder Mobile Welding System The small and ...
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    • Pipe Socket Fusion Welder Set
      Temperature 393 - 534°F (201 - 279°C), 120V, Socket sizes 3/8 to 2 inches. Basic welding tool TYPE HHSW 63 Spigot and socket Steel Box ...
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    • Heating Plates for Fusing Plastics
      For fusing plastics (PE, PP, PVDF, PB, PVC), these manual heating plates are highly manageable because of their ergonomic handle. Can be supported either manually, with the fork-type stand or with the ...
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