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    Product Description

    RASOR Monster Bench mount cutter
    Super Duty Electric Round Knife Bench-Mount Cutter
    The most powerful cutting tool for Technical Textiles and Thin Plastics

    Our TASW12SM features central knife guidance, new main power switch with LED, Easy fixing structure for O.E.M applications, and low-friction Teflon® coated foot. 

    It is especially suitable for cutting composite materials like glass fiber, carbon fiber, Aramid or any soft material up to 2" (50mm) thick. The impressive 350 Watt motor creates high torque, which combined with the slow RPM of the knife allows cutting of rubber and thin plastic-based material. It is often used in the carpet and industrial flooring fields.

    The push button sharpening stone allows the sharpening of the knife edge to be done in less than 10 seconds without removing the knife.

    Safety Features:

    • Double safety start-up system device 
    • Main power switch with LED indicator
    • Height-adjustable transparent fore blade protection (anodized aluminium on TADD120DT)
    • Fixed transparent back blade protection
    • 2.5 amp cut-off fuse 
    • Double electric insulation (CLF - IP20 electric insulation on TADD120DT)

    Specifications and additional product information




    Blade diameter:

     4.7" with hard metal  counterblade


     12SHSS, 8-sided, HSS steel

    Blade speed:

     550 r.p.m.

    Cutting Ability:

     2" (50mm)


     Single phase – 350 W

    Max absorption:

     2.5 A, with protection fuse

    Net weight (with power supply cord):

     10 lbs

    Electric cable length:

     5' (with no plug)

    Temperature range:

     32-131° F

    Humidity range:

     10 – 95% without condensation