Automatic Cutter: Automatic Strip Cutters

  • Hot and Cold Strip Cutters
    The GHC-530 automatically cuts elastic, webbing (up to 1/4-inch thick), ribbons, belt loops, Velcro, nylon cords, leather, safety belts, rubber and tapes to desired lengths. Hot version seals edges of ...
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    Model GHC-380: This is a fully automatic hot and cold angle cutting machine with a 4 ¼ inch (100 mm) wide blade. This Angle Strip Cutter cuts Elastic, Webbing, Ribbons, Belt Loops, Hook & Loop, Nylon ...
    Our Price: $8,000.00
    $8,000.00      $8,160.00
  • Mark and Punch Strip Cutter
    Gear driven top rollers • Tolerance ±0.5% of total cut • Best Japanese stepping motor • Easy recall memory for up to 100 job settings • Up to 30 hole punches in one cut ...
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  • Pneumatic Hot Knife Cutters ARX90
    The ARX-90 series are pneumatically operated, configurable hot knives manufactured in the USA. They are designed to cut and seal all types of synthetic materials, such as ribbon, webbing, strap, sling, cord, rope ...
  • Automatic PreFeeder 6in
    These prefeeder units put elastic material in a quiet state before cutting or feeding the material from heavy reels into the strip cutting ...
    Our Price: $2,200.00
    $2,200.00      $2,244.00
  • 6 inch Ultrasonic Strip Cutting machine
    Ultrasonic Strip Cutting Machine This special purpose machine will cut any flexible material such as Safety Belt Webbing, Fabric, Plastic, Cord, Hook & Loop, etc.... without leaving a burn mark. It ...
    Our Price: $26,250.00
    $26,250.00      $26,775.00
  • 6 inch Hot/Cold Strip Cutter
    Electronic Hot/Cold Strip Cutting Machine All the same features as the GHC-810 except it does not require compressed ...
    Our Price: $5,000.00
    $5,000.00      $5,100.00
  • 14 inch cutting and unwinding machine
    Two Machines in One! A 14 inch blade cutting machine with automatic unwinder (pre-feeder) will handle rolls up to 200 pounds and still maintain precise tolerance. Excellent for cutting rubber, plastics, ...
    Our Price: $22,500.00
    $22,500.00      $22,950.00
    Cuts: Nylon • Polypropylene • Polyester • Ribbon • Webbing • Hook & Loop The ARX95 is a general purpose and configurable Pneumatic Thermal Press and Hole Punch which can ...
    Our Price: $995.00
    $995.00      $1,014.90
  • Heavy Duty Metal Strip Cutter
    Heavy Duty Metal Strip Cutter Our GC254 has 4' wide tungsten carbide blades that will cut: Silver, Solder, Copper, Wire, Wire harness, Wire mesh, Foil, Brass, Aluminum , and other soft and hardened metals . ...
    Our Price: $22,500.00
    $22,500.00      $22,950.00
  • Electronic Hot/Cold Strip Cutting Machine
    Cuts and seals synthetic materials to prevent fraying Cutting width— 6 inches Hot/Cold Piece Cutting Machine Electronic controls Adjustable speed Very user friendly Fully automatic ...
    Our Price: $5,000.00
    $5,000.00      $5,100.00
  • Automatic Heavy-Duty CTL (Cut to Length) Machine
    Cuts strips of ribbon or tape to the desired length automatically These pneumatic CTL Strip Cutting machines are available with either hot or cold modules.They are designed to accurately measure and cut webbing, ...
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  • All-A-Board Lifter
    All-a-Board Lifter ® The All-A-Board Lifter ® reduces the risk of injury to your operators and damage to valuable rigid substrates. One operator can easily transport and lift up to 500 lbs. ...
  • 2-inch Cold Knife Strip Cutter
    2¼' blade • 5-digit field • 1/8' to 200ft min to max cut length • Gear driven top rollers • Tolerance to ±0.5% of total cut • Japanese stripping motor • Easy ...
    Our Price: $2,600.00
    $2,600.00      $2,652.00
  • Die-Cut Automatic Shape Cutter
    When you need to cut different shapes of Velcro, THIS is the Machine. It works like a strip cutter and can be set for different lengths. The great advantage is it also cuts hook & loop, leather ...
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