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    Automatic Cutter: Automatic Strip Cutters

    • Hot and Cold Strip Cutters
      The GHC-530 automatically cuts elastic, webbing (up to 1/4-inch thick), ribbons, belt loops, Velcro, nylon cords, leather, safety belts, rubber and tapes to desired lengths. Hot version seals edges of ...
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      Model GHC-380: This is a fully automatic hot and cold angle cutting machine with a 4 ¼ inch (100 mm) wide blade. This Angle Strip Cutter cuts Elastic, Webbing, Ribbons, Belt Loops, Hook ...
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    • Mark and Punch Strip Cutter
      Gear driven top rollers • Tolerance ±0.5% of total cut • Best Japanese stepping motor • Easy recall memory for up to 100 job settings • Up to 30 hole punches in one cut ...
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    • Automatic PreFeeder 6in
      These prefeeder units put elastic material in a quiet state before cutting or feeding the material from heavy reels into the strip cutting ...
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    • 2-inch Cold Knife Strip Cutter
      2¼' blade • 5-digit field • 1/8' to 200ft min to max cut length • Gear driven top rollers • Tolerance to ±0.5% of total cut • Japanese stripping motor • Easy ...
      Our Price: $2,600.00
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    • Heavy Duty Metal Strip Cutter
      Heavy Duty Metal Strip Cutter Our GC254 has 4' wide tungsten carbide blades that will cut: Silver, Solder, Copper, Wire, Wire harness, ...
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    • 14 inch cutting and unwinding machine
      Two Machines in One! A 14 inch blade cutting machine with automatic unwinder (pre-feeder) will handle rolls up to 200 pounds and still maintain ...
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    • Die-Cut Automatic Shape Cutter
      When you need to cut different shapes of Velcro, THIS is the Machine. It works like a strip cutter and can be set for different lengths. ...
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      Cuts: Nylon • Polypropylene • Polyester • Ribbon • Webbing • Hook & Loop The ARX95 is a ...
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